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Boho March

Hi there! I went to Collabor88 for March when it opened and 3 more times since then 😀

So I’m going to share the outfit I put together! The theme is Organica so hippie/boho-ish

I hope you enjoy!

Top(u.f.o)/Shorts(tres blah)/Guitar (u.f.o.)/Shoes (ingenue) and Poses (marukin & pda) all from Collabor88

Hair by Elikatira

Earrings by Turducken

The guitar plays music, so you can entertain (or annoy) your friends and family 😀

I made a new profile picture at first it was to show my earrings but I liked it…

also it has been photoshopped so items maybe appear different then inworld

Have a lazy sunday!




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Day Light Savings

Hi there! Coming up on spring soon-ish *happy dance*

So this look today is sort of a mixup between spring and winter kinda…. sorta…. not reallys but I like it!

I was feeling a glow when I did these so I added that to the pictures a little

I hope you enjoy and has the best weekend filled with the best people, I know I will 🙂

Hair Lelutka Jolie

Cardigan The Secret Store Darling Cardigan

Undershirt Ingenue Sunday Morning Tee

Skirt (guess where) Tres Blah Frou Frou Skirt

(I tried so hard not to put something -tb- since it’s been in all my post this far, but I love it to much lol and it consumes my inventory)

Tights IZUMIYA Color Tights

Shoes Honey Kitty Ribbon Ruffle Flats

The above is a photo of my good friend Khal and I who I’d like to thank for hanging out while I took my photos and letting me bother him a lot

(I know I can count on him at the buttcrack of dawn when I’m dying of boredom)

See he was supposed to be in the pictures with me but the poses he got were 12 feet in the air so that didn’t happen lol !!FAIL!!

However I love him to pieces anyway, good people are hard to come by and I’ve gotten very lucky to have great friends and family

I love you all! xoxo

p.s. I’ll throw in his credits

Hair- Lelutka Loose hair (slurl above)

Jacket/Undershirt/Pants/Shoes- Entente (poor guys hardly have any stores lol but his outfit was great anyway!) *shrugs*

p.p.s. or is it p.s.s. XD

Thank you for reading!

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Home Sweet Home

I haven’t posted in a few days because… well in short we got a new house! woot!

So I haven’t really as much as changed my clothes… I stinky lol but after my bath yesterday I decided to put some moving clothes on

I decided to blog my room, my moving outfit and my kitty lol, I hope you enjoy

Frame – Whimzie

Cat Basket/Shelves/Window Seat/Chair all from WhatNext

Rhino Sprout Pet – IntrigueCo

Twister Pose Stand/lil toy (goes to family choreboard) – Gigglebox

Bed/Rug/Nightstand/lamp/photoframes (modded only comes as the bicycle picture when purchased) – WhatNext

Nightlight/Stepstool (goes to family choreboard) – Gigglebox

Dangling Light – LISP (not sure if this comes alone or in a set my auntie mia placed it for me)

Textures (found on the marketplace) – Vanilla

Hair- Details by Elikatira Glasses – Midtown Readers by Burley Sweatshirt – leather sleeve pullover by ISON Jeans – Hot cocoa Stain Jeans by SurfCo Nails – nail polish by TresBlah Ring – Candy Ring by Yummy

My kitty Marissa is from KittyCats they are breedable but she is too old to breed lol I still love her though

My room isn’t quite finished i need some stuff on my shelves but here is the bulk of it lol

thank you for reading! til next time…

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