Home Sweet Home

I haven’t posted in a few days because… well in short we got a new house! woot!

So I haven’t really as much as changed my clothes… I stinky lol but after my bath yesterday I decided to put some moving clothes on

I decided to blog my room, my moving outfit and my kitty lol, I hope you enjoy

Frame – Whimzie

Cat Basket/Shelves/Window Seat/Chair all from WhatNext

Rhino Sprout Pet – IntrigueCo

Twister Pose Stand/lil toy (goes to family choreboard) – Gigglebox

Bed/Rug/Nightstand/lamp/photoframes (modded only comes as the bicycle picture when purchased) – WhatNext

Nightlight/Stepstool (goes to family choreboard) – Gigglebox

Dangling Light – LISP (not sure if this comes alone or in a set my auntie mia placed it for me)

Textures (found on the marketplace) – Vanilla

Hair- Details by Elikatira Glasses – Midtown Readers by Burley Sweatshirt – leather sleeve pullover by ISON Jeans – Hot cocoa Stain Jeans by SurfCo Nails – nail polish by TresBlah Ring – Candy Ring by Yummy

My kitty Marissa is from KittyCats they are breedable but she is too old to breed lol I still love her though

My room isn’t quite finished i need some stuff on my shelves but here is the bulk of it lol

thank you for reading! til next time…


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