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Kids FLF May 25th

Hiii so I’m really loving blogging lately it’s funny how far a compliment can go *grins*

I don’t have much to ramble on about today EXCEPT! Kids fifty linden Fridays oot oot! there was good and bad so here we go


I am usually 7 years old in world, a few weeks ago I became 5 years old and “totted” myself a bit so I’m a pip squeak and I love it and I don’t want to change size for mesh though its tempting… but i’m too stubborn. Maybe if there are more releases I will “untot” myself for a few photos but day to day me is shorter and I’m proud to be a munchkin!

Onto the goodies, I didn’t go to every store on the list because today was a busy day for me however I got a chance to go to my favorites on the list and here they are:

Kids FLF May 25th

I looove this romper, there was another she released for LLL with cowboy boots…I own that also lol

Kids FLF May 25th

These sandals are partial mesh and super cute! I adore the colors of this dress… reminds me of the season (I don’t get out much LOL kidding <.<)

Inner Peace
Kids FLF May 25th088

One of my favorite outfits from Inner Peace was a previous Kids flf outfit called Flutterby this is a lot like that outfit but clearly different design so now I can switch up the outfits I wear repeatedly lol I love the skirt is sooo… FLUFFY!

Kids FLF May 25th

Another cute outfit from Inner Peace I love how spring/summer it is, I’m not the biggest fan of the color pink but sometimes…I just gotta go for it

Baby Pie
Kids FLF May 25th

So I’ll be the first to admit the pose I picked was all wrong BUT doesn’t make the outfit any less adorable, there is also a FREE version of this outfit at Baby Pie that was released along with this one it is in brown tones

The Kid Company
Kids FLF May 25th

Hmm where do I start… I LOVE the kid company, when they first opened I was probably one of the first fighting my way in. I saw a photo on flickr that was shared with me earlier this week, the photo belonged to Katey Coppola who runs the kid company on her kiddo avie and it was a teaser showing that they were redoing the kid company store and releasing new items. I bounced in my chair for a bit then realized I still had to wait a few days haha however it’s out now! and this I LOVE! It’s called shopaholic, I think this was made just for me *giggles*

There are also 2 mesh outfits now and I can wear the shorts oot oot, a new pose AND a new bedroom set. The bedroom set is frigging cute! I believe it’s called Sugar’s bedroom.

Sassafras and Sprionks
Kids FLF May 25th

Sassafras and Spronkwings what can I say besides they are good at what they do. My current bedroom set is from Sassafras and every book I own is from Spronkwings…nuff said!

The bed comes with 8 animations built in and its multi-sit so you and a friend or sibling and chill out after a hard day of wrecking havoc! 😀

Additional Credits:

Hair: Wasabi Pills *NEW*

Hair bow in the kid company photo: Toki Doki

Thank you for reading!

Addison “Shopaholic” Coeur

^when it’s right…it’s right


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Wedding Day!

Ohai! SO I didn’t intend on turning this into a post but I just couldn’t help but share the news… let me fill you in

I have trial grandparents Josh and Jenica well today (now yesterday) May 24th was their one year anniversary, so mine Banana Nana Jen decided to surprise Mister Josh (I don’t have a nick name for him yet but its coming!) with a WEDDING!  We all got these pretty dresses and mine Mommy Skylar set up this pretty decorations and mine Auntie Kelly was the umm whats it called? you know the marrying person (I don’t go to school does it show?) and they both did an amazing job it was awesome! I never seen an SL wedding and for it to been put together in a hurry it was great! I didn’t get pictures of the ceremony but I got some pictures of us after and mine Banana took a photo that I will share of the two of them.

Onto the post!

Wedding Day

Above are most of the girls in attendance

Back Row (left to right) Mommy Skylar, Banana Jenica, Auntie Autumn and Auntie Kelly

Front Row (left to right) Mini Mommy Telsey, Mini Auntie Breanna (and her boyfriend Fred jr. on her head hehe) Mini Auntie Kyra and Me Addi *smiles and waves*

Wedding Day

I took a few pictures to show this really pretty dress my mommy got for me I LOVE it I don’t get to dress formal much but when I do I’ll be going back to this shop!

Wedding Day

Wedding Day

This photo shows the mood ring Banana Nana got me for the wedding it has about 10 colors!! and you can change the metal and surrounding Gems also! I picked Calm because

number 1 I love blue

number 2 sometimes you just gotta chill out!

Wedding Day

Above is the photo my banana took I just wanted to show how lovely they are together *le Sigh*

My Credits are the only I know completely so here they are

Hair and Hair Bases: Lelutka

Necklace: Lacie Cakes from the LLL (Live, Laugh, Love Fair) not sure if this is available in her main shop

Dress, bracelets and hair bow (all in the pack): Aura’s

Nails: Tres Blah

Mood Ring: JCNY

Thank you for reading!

Addi ❤

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Adventure Time!

Hey there, today I realized how I forgot about this blog, yet I started blogging because I found it hard to find up to date kids blogs…

I get why now…that’s for sure. I’ve been having so much fun in world with my family I haven’t really had time unless I stay up late! Which is what I’m doing now lol

I looooved the book “Where the Wild Things Are” as a kid and the movie was a couple years ago now and I loved that too. Its sort of like “The Never Ending Story” or “Chronicles Of Narnia” just a magical adventure that makes you wonder… How the heck do I find this place!?! Well unfortunately I have yet to find out how to get there in rl (I still haven’t found sesame street!)

This is where Second Life comes into play, it’s also a magical place where you can BE what you want and DO what you want and more than likely no matter how odd or different you feel you are… someone there is just like you!

*le Sigh* I’ve been playing Second Life for a while now and I have to admit I’ve never been happier so if my happiness takes away from my blogging… So be it! At least when I blog it won’t be emo…. amirite or amirite?

Getting to the post at hand I own the Loki Mesh Jumpsuit identical to the one Max wears in the book and I found a sim themed around “Where the Wild Things Are”  You go on an actual adventure it’s pretty awesome! I just wish it would have been longer but beggars can’t be choosers, can they?

I won’t post pictures of the entire adventure in case you would like to do it yourself, I won’t spoil it I promise!

I started out with this guy…I may or may not have stabbed him with my awesome sword and he may or may not have blew a booger at me with his monsterous nostrils

After my battle with that shady character I walked into Max’s room and jumped in his bed which took me up to an island where there was a boat… I rode it… DUH! IT WAS A BOAT!

(excuse the quality of some of these photos I didn’t intend to post some of them but I thought…meh what the heck)

After my long boat ride through violent waters (there was even a dragon with flexi hair…scurry!) I got off at an island and said to myself OHH! look people to greet me… then they got froggy and I whipped out my stabby sword, because I refuse to lose!

After they recognized who was the boss they got off my back so I could take some pictures on the island, but I held onto my sword anyway because you never know!

After I snapped a few pictures I picked my shield back up and got back on the boat because they started calling me “your highness”… I mean I know I could rule just about anything. *whips her hair* BUT that’s too much responsibility for a youngin’ like myself, I can’t handle that kind of commitment.

I have a hard enough time convincing my mom to let me have a beer! Hmmm maybe if I told her I was Queen for the day she will let me <.< I hope she reads this post. *crosses her fingers*


Sim: Wild Things Island

Hair: Elikatira

Mesh Suit: Loki

Glasses: Burley

Shoes:  Urban Bomb Unit

Sword, Shield, Cape, Crown and Poses: Cheekypea/Glitterati Collaboration*

*I know you can get this at Glitterati not sure if it’s in store at Cheeky Pea

Thanks for reading my wacky-goofball-rambling adventure… see ya later gators

Queen Addison ❤


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