Wedding Day!

Ohai! SO I didn’t intend on turning this into a post but I just couldn’t help but share the news… let me fill you in

I have trial grandparents Josh and Jenica well today (now yesterday) May 24th was their one year anniversary, so mine Banana Nana Jen decided to surprise Mister Josh (I don’t have a nick name for him yet but its coming!) with a WEDDING!  We all got these pretty dresses and mine Mommy Skylar set up this pretty decorations and mine Auntie Kelly was the umm whats it called? you know the marrying person (I don’t go to school does it show?) and they both did an amazing job it was awesome! I never seen an SL wedding and for it to been put together in a hurry it was great! I didn’t get pictures of the ceremony but I got some pictures of us after and mine Banana took a photo that I will share of the two of them.

Onto the post!

Wedding Day

Above are most of the girls in attendance

Back Row (left to right) Mommy Skylar, Banana Jenica, Auntie Autumn and Auntie Kelly

Front Row (left to right) Mini Mommy Telsey, Mini Auntie Breanna (and her boyfriend Fred jr. on her head hehe) Mini Auntie Kyra and Me Addi *smiles and waves*

Wedding Day

I took a few pictures to show this really pretty dress my mommy got for me I LOVE it I don’t get to dress formal much but when I do I’ll be going back to this shop!

Wedding Day

Wedding Day

This photo shows the mood ring Banana Nana got me for the wedding it has about 10 colors!! and you can change the metal and surrounding Gems also! I picked Calm because

number 1 I love blue

number 2 sometimes you just gotta chill out!

Wedding Day

Above is the photo my banana took I just wanted to show how lovely they are together *le Sigh*

My Credits are the only I know completely so here they are

Hair and Hair Bases: Lelutka

Necklace: Lacie Cakes from the LLL (Live, Laugh, Love Fair) not sure if this is available in her main shop

Dress, bracelets and hair bow (all in the pack): Aura’s

Nails: Tres Blah

Mood Ring: JCNY

Thank you for reading!

Addi ❤


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