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Helloo! I got news to share yay! *throws confetti*

First thing, I’m sure if you have been a kid avie or around them for bit or even if you have ever done kids flf you have heard of Absolute Girls by Naffie Nexen, well my first news is 2 weeks ago she rebranded and reopened her shop which now goes by bebechic!

Second thing, I got picked up to blog for bebechic yayyy! *does a happy dance*

I’m so excited to show and tell you about some new stuffs from bebechic and I look forward to sharing more in the future ❤

These outfits fit the season so well I decided to pick some berries *rubs her tummy*


This dress is called Kayla it’s a hunt item for the Sand Castle hunt which will be running from June 1st until June 30th.

Kayla comes with three skirt options, so it fits kids and tots! It also has a super cute flower attachment on the chest.


 This pink dream is named Aubrianna it comes with three different lengths for the top, cuffs for your capris, a chest bow, and if thats not enough its resizeable AND comes with mesh shoes


This outfit I’m currently wearing in world because its adorable! It’s named Presley the features are a lot like Aubrianna so your getting this entire outfit! Minus the strawberries those are mine and you can’t have them 😀 *giggles*

I would like to thank Naffie Nexen for letting me blog her creations!

AND I would like to thank you all who read this blog!

Now… get to bebechic ASAP!

hearts all around! <333



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