FLF Looks July 20th 2012

*waves* I’ve posted so much today it’s craziness so I’ll get onto the outfits and cut the chatter…your welcome haha.

FLF Look 1

FLF Look 2

Look 1

Hair: Ohami/Anya Ohmai (Hair Fair)

Romper: Mocha (FLF)

Sunglasses: Artilleri/Antonio Marat (FLF)

Shoes: G Field (previously blogged)

Look 2

Hair: Clawtooth/Bubbles Clawtooth (Hair Fair)

Top: Willow/Weezy Warwillow (FLF)

Skirt: ColorME H.O.F./Fashionboi Landar

Shoes: ChaChaDee (previously blogged)

Green Chair: The Loft/Collen Desmoulins (FLF)

Wood Bench: Art Dummy/Gala Charron (FLF)

Tree Branch Frame: Conspiracy Theory/ (FLF)

Poses: D.F.O./Willa Whybrow (FLF)

I love the Willow top, since mesh everyone has been so spoiled including myself, but mesh can lack in some areas when it comes to texture, this top reminded me of the talent that goes into SL clothing. This is one of the best system layer tops I’ve purchased in a loooong time, the detail and texture are lovely.

Thank you for reading

Harper ❤


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