Safari Trail

Hello again,

While searching for some other items to wear for my previous post Zodiac Attack. I came across a cute safari outfit by Berta Avro who owns a shop named Severed Garden. I noticed most of her outfits are themed and come with tons of accessories so when I saw this cute outfit I couldn’t pass it up!

It is called TAMU and it comes in two color schemes Class and Fresh, the one I’m showing is in classic.

With this outfit you get:

Ara the parrot (enjoys crackers)


Binoculars with HUD



Hat with Monkey (enjoys bananas)

Camera Necklace

Mesh Scarf

Mesh Shorts


Sunglasses (not shown)

I traveled to a jungle which I later realized was an RP Sim…. that got fun when I had two amazon women walk up to me with weapons in hand (one complete with demon tail…where that comes in i have no clue) They called me strange creature about five times (though like I mentioned one had a demon tail) *shrugs* So I took a tiny hint RP sims… even when though most of the time you can rez, if they don’t have an observer tag (this sim did not) and you like to take your photos in peace either find a place with a tag that lets others know you are just passing by, or contact the sim owner to get the OK just out of respect for those there to RP to avoid confusion. Though I must say… I now have a story about two amazon women I was nearly attacked by (one with demon tail haha) to tell my grandchildren one day.


Above is the bridge I nearly lost my life on…gotta frame this one!


Other Credits:

Hair: Lelutka by Thora Charron

Monocle: Enchant3D by Fianna Idora

I got even more lame and made myself a “passport” photo


As always thank you for reading

See you ’round the jungle

Harper the Explorer ❤

“Dora ain’t got nothing on this”


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