Zodiac Attack

Hello all,

I like to rhyme from time to time. (oooohh) Anyway yesterday this happened!

Zodiac is open!

If your not a Leo (I’m a Sagittarius personally) don’t worry! Because this Zodiac event will be coming around for your sign too! Personally I think this is a super cute idea because it’s somewhat personalized, A zodiac sign is something your born into just like a birthday and most are people are proud to represent!

Since the current sign is Leo the item’s had a jungle/beasty theme to them with I love, who doesn’t like to get wild every now and again. *winks*

photo time!




Hair: Fashionably Dead byToast Bard (Hair Fair)

Hair Feathers: Exile by Kavar Cleanslate (Hair Fair)

Top: Kyoot by Aeya Nyanda (Zodiac)

Belt: Aura byTyr Rozenblum (Zodiac)

Undies, Headband, Leg Pouch: Severed Garden by Berta Avro

Feet: Slink by Siddean Munro

Mud Tattoo: Pekka by Kathya Szczepanski

First Pose: Glitterati by Katey Coppola (Zodiac)

Second Posec(Lion Prop): Studio Sidhe by Faery Sola (Zodiac)

Thank you for reading,

Happy Birthday to all those lions out there!

Harper ❤



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