Stranger in a Strange Land


For this post I truly have a good story about exploring SL.

I got dressed before I found a sim I wanted to take my photos on so I looked for a few lists of good photography spots but I didn’t see anything that fit exact what I was looking for. So I opened search and simply put in “forest” and scrolled until something sounded good via the land description. I narrowed it down and teleported to a few that weren’t exactly looking for then I got kind of tired and just kept scrolling and hitting the teleport button down the list. Finally I found a sim that was perfect, it was dark and sort of creepy with old buildings PERFECT I tell you! So I flew around it a bit and found THE spot I wanted. I’m a chronic mini map checker so I looked to see who was in the spot, figured I’d give a wave when I was done with my photo. Well there was an abundance of people which I thought was odd for some creepy forest but I paid it no mind.

So I rezzed out the items I wanted to use set my windlight and graphics, and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone flying toward me but they stopped a roof top away, but they were close enough I could see most of their avatar and he/she was moving like dancing almost but no one else was there they were just dancing alone, so I thought “how cute, let me cam over to be nosey” well……….he/she was NOT dancing but screwing a statue and he/she was a horse avatar complete with genitials and I just did one of those “oooookay” moments and decided to take my photo and leave asap. WELL not even a minute after seeing a horse get it on with a gargoyle I get an IM asking if I want to RP, firstly as you can tell by the photo I was “in costume” so I could easily get how someone thought I was hanging around to RP so I finally I looked the land description and it said:

“Live your beastly fantasies here in the deep forest!”

Now… this is the point where I thought wow I’m an idiot right now, but then once I looked at my outfit I could NOT stop laughing at what kind of coincidence it was and it was too fab of a story not to share so so one else could laugh at this red riding hood flying around a beast rp adult sim…. so before I show the photo I have three letters F.M.L. that is all.



Hair: Exile by Kavar Cleanslate (Fairy Tales Event)

I have been waiting ages for the right photo to wear this hair in! It’s amazing

Dress: Schadenfreude by Allegory Malaprop (collabor88)

Basket: Cheeky Pea by Isla Gealach (taken from Nira Picnic set)

Sim that isn’t full of beast sex: Evie’s Closet Sim

Til my next beast filled adventure,

Little Red Riding Harper ❤


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