Happy Birthday Toki Doki




Hi all,

This week one of my favorite shops Toki Doki by Maya Levane is celebrating it’s second year! If you are part of the Toki Doki group in world you received a notice of the festivities! (I shortened it a bit there is a really sweet thank you from Maya in the start)

Toki-Doki group is now closed, this is to make the gifts more exclusive and to thank those members who have chosen to join our update group. The group will re-open shortly after the anniversary festivities have ended.

Third, there are three parts to the event:

1. Every day there will be brand new exclusive group gifts, these gifts will not be given out past the event, please try to pick them up before Monday July 30th, at 11:59 PM SLT. A group notice will be sent when a new gift has been rezzed at the store, please wear your group tag.
2. Every day, 5 different items (all colours included) will be marked 75% off. You will have to find them though 🙂 no special marks, no hints, can be any items in the store look carefully! ^^ (Mayallivanders items are excluded).

3. There is a particular section in the store where everything is sold for 2 or 0 lindens! Please look around and try to find it, it is really easy 🙂

So even if you are not part of the Toki Doki in world group you can still get in on the sales!

Other Credits:

Skin: Glam Affair by Aida Ewing (NEW)

Hair: Lamb by Lamb Bellic (Hair Fair)

Everything else head to toe is Toki Doki

The tank,and pants are exclusive group gifts so if you are already in the group go grab them!

A Happy Happy Birthday to Toki Doki and a Happy Friday to everyone!

Harper ❤


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