Love Child (Vintage Fair Preview pt. 3)

Love Child

Hello World,

Yet another Vintage Fair Teaser! This time it comes with a bit of news, I applied to blog for a store named evolve owned by Bellastarr Fhang, I got the news yesterday I was accepted, so that was awesome! On that note! I based this look around this skirt which will be at Vintage Fair from evolve. I hope all these looks I have and will spam my blog with makes you get your butt down to Vintage Fair when it opens on the 4th.


Hair: Saturday from Fashionably Dead by Toast Bard

Headband: Daydream Flowers from Fashionably Dead by Toast Bard (previous c88)

Vest: Short Vest from Toki Doki by Maya Levane **

Skirt Olio Skirt from Evolve by Bellastarr Fhang (@Vintage Fair)

Pose and Prop: Travel Pose Set from Status by Gidge Uriza (@Vintage Fair)

Butterflies: Large Butterfly Swarm from Funky Junk by Ulaa Coronet (just wore them on my hand)

**This was an exclusive group gift for existing Toki Doki group members, it is no longer available as a gift (I checked the shop it’s not there but cross your fingers it’s a future release?)

Make love not war, Give a hoot don’t pollute, uh… reduce, reuse, recycle…hug a tree and all that jazz 😀

Hippie Harper ❤


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