Choke Hold

Happy Pre-Friday ya’ll!

In my previous post I made a comment about going back to the MODE sim to get the Belgravia neck corset. Well…I couldn’t help myself so I went back last night and grabbed it. I’ve said a couple times now how much I love unique pieces that steal the focus and though I’d personally wear this all across the grid, not everyone dares to challenge the neck corset for everyday wear. SO I wanted to make this post a bit more daring by adding in this fab do from Vanity Hair.

Choke Hold

Haven’t been choked this beautifully in a long time… at least a week haha I kid I kid, sort of. Ok…I’m not going to say more this is a fashion blog not 50 shades of grey.


Hair: Cantaloupe Hair Piece/Vanity Hair/Tabata Jewell

Lashes: Vampire/Redgrave/Viola Leigh

Neck Corset: Maleficent Neck Corset/Belgravia/Jin Elfan

Thank you for reading,

Choke Deprived Harper ❤

P.S. Excuse my grammar


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