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Challenge Accepted

Hey there,

Every now and again I get sent items from shops, some of them I blog some of them I don’t. I try switch things up on my blog because I don’t want to have a defined “style”. I try to be modest to naked, innocent to tattooed. Well I got sent some new releases from a shop called Swords & Sahara Designs owned by ARCO Swords and Lehna Sahara. I had no idea what type of items they sold til I opened the packages and a friend of mine was there and said “That’s a Gor Shop!” I was like “REALLY?!” So I went through the outfits and fell in love with this one, because number 1…it’s awesome. 2…It’s like nothing I’ve blogged before. and 3…I love a good challenge, I love to look at something and say “I gotta blog this, but how?”. Well I figured it out! It’s a bit of a story I guess, the fight and the finish. Hope you like it! 🙂

Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted


Hair: Athena/Lelutka/Thora Carron

Skin: Jen/League/Nena Janus

Dirt: Dirty Muddy/Pekka/Kathya Szczepanski

Outfit: Barka Woman/Swords & Sahara Designs/ARCO Swords

Sword: Valkross Sword/Torvis Gorean Weapons/Torvis Rainfall (Funny enough I got this sword this past weekend bc some friends and I did a pirate adventure and were being silly, funny how things work out!)

Feet: Slink/Siddean Munro

First pose: Balls #21/Everglow/Fanny Willis (Meant to be a couple dancing, but it worked perfectly!)

Second Pose: Maci Pack/Purple Poses/Audrey Guter

Location: Sa Kara

Wish we would have used facial expressions, but we thought about that too late sadly. : \

Thank you Lehna Sahara for sending me this outfit. ❤

AND I got NEWS! I got the honor of having one of my photos featured in Cajsa Lilliehook’s column on Shopping Cart Disco called “What I Like”! You can view my photo and the other choosen here What I Like #85 A HUGE Thank you goes to Cajsa, some of the other photos in the article are done by SL Resident’s whose work I admire so to have one of my photos choosen is amazing. *girly screams*


Bird Food Harper ❤

P.S. A thank you to Coral aka Lioness for helping me out by throwing me into a pit of sand, true friend right there. ❤


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Bloggers in Crime

Ah geez where to start… if you have never seen her on plurk, flickr or came across her blog Virtually Vanilla (She’s totally not vanilla btw guys. Then you may not know who Coral Lacey is, but you should. I met this girlie back in March I believe, through a mutual friend and even though I thought she hated me for like 4 ish months, she turned out to be a really awesome friend. So when I decided I wanted to blog adult clothing (I was a kid blogger prior to) I went straight to her to ask “How the hell do I start this??” She’s helped me out sooooo much with my blogging, I can honestly say she taught me all I know. After that I was said “Meh…this english girl ain’t so bad” and pretty much since then we’ve been joined at the hip or by IM if you wanna be technical. It’s great to have a friend that you can honestly tell ANYTHING! Even though she may make a little fun of me, she doesn’t judge me or tell the world, which is really all you can ask for in a friend. OH! and someone to talk shit with, she’s as mean as I am….I love it!

Anyway yesterday we decided it was high time to have profile picks of each other so we had a place to show off our pixels and funny quotes. We took a photo together and I guess in celebration? We both blogged it.

Bloggers In Crime

Something hilarious she said yesterday:

[12:49] Coral (coral.lacey): so I’m not gona say “cleaning my list, if I deleted you it’s nothing personal”
[12:49] Coral (coral.lacey): bc actually, it is personal
[12:49] Coral (coral.lacey): “Cleaning my list, if I deleted you it’s bc I don’t like you and/or you served your purpose and are no longer of use to me”

Thank you Coral for teaching me, listening to me, and being a stone cold beyotch with me or toward me when I need it.


Hair: Versage/Lelutka/Thora Charron

Eyeshadow: Neon Eyeliner/Belleza/Shyla Diggs (FLF)

Dress: Sheer Sleeve Dress/ISON/Harry Hyx

Hands: Mesh Hands/Korundi/Shansa

Visit her here for her credits tell her Harper sent you and she’ll show you a good time *wink*

Sidenote: My Practice Project is over! you can view all the photos on my flickr I have rates now listed here

Thank you!

Harper ❤

P.S. We showed up to this shoot in the same here but then I called her a swagger jacker and she changed, Harper 1 – Coral 0

P.P.S. this whole post is a joke…totally hate the broad

kidding kidding ❤❤❤

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Squeaky Clean

Well Ladies and Gents. I…I…I don’t even know how this look came to be…all I know is, Zodiac is open and I got something I wanted show off! Oh…and I was in a nakey mood… it happens. *shrugs* ❤

Squeaky Clean

Squeaky Clean


Hair: Jolie RMX/Lelutka/Thora Charron

Hands and Bangles: Mesh Hands/Korundi/Shansa Resident (Bangles come with)

Apron: Zodiac/Apponos Aprons/Joan Faromet (@Zodiac)

Undies: Lady Lace Panties/Mon Tissu/Elie Spot (Group Gift)

Shoes: Cathy Shoes/Redgrave/TeamRedgrave

Top Tattoo: Heart Reaper/Chapel Hill /CryptinJection

Elbow Tattoo: Custom Tattoo (Cause I really wanted an owl tattoo that wasn’t a cartoon, Thank you❤)/Chapel Hill /CryptinJection

Leg Tattoo: Leg Bows/Audran/Zane Audran

Piercings: The Minimalist/Hebenon Vial/Trisha Zweig and Modded verisons of Solidue and Splint/Pekka/Kathya Szczepanski

Kitchen: Timeless Kitchen/Trompe Loeil/Cory Edo (@C88)

Counter Prop Decor and Sponge: From the Laural Kitchen full set/What Next/Winter Thorn

Poses: Pinup/Glitterati/Katey Coppola


Squeaky Clean Harper ❤

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Fireside (Foppish Group Gift)

Hi all!

I wanted to share this group gift from Foppish that was released yesterday. It’s a  wool coat with skulls, but I was in a cozy robe snuggle mood, so I switched it up a tiny bit. Stop by Foppish and get yours! The group is free to join and the owner has updated the group gift each time she releases so far. Who doesn’t like free stuff!




Hair: Kinda Shy/Clawtooth/Bubbles Clawtooth

Robe/Coat: Wooly Gown Coat/Foppish/Foppish Resident (Group Gift free to join!)

Fireplace,Cushions,Wood Basket: LISP Bazaar/Pandora Popstar

Plant: Croton Plant/Funky Junk/Ulaa Coronet (free subscribo gift I believe, comes with the green house)

Sofa: Couch Potato Loveseat/Thistle/Liz Gealach

House: Coille Home/Cheeky Pea/Isla Gealach (Perfect for the colder seasons so glad I got this at the expo 50% off on new releases for group members if you didn’t know!)

Hope your day is as lovely as Autumn leaves! *gags*

Harper ❤

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Cirque Dreams (BENT for Fair)

Hey everyone!

So if you haven’t heard Chic Management is having an event on the 22nd called “Fair” it has its name because they are implementing the fair pricing policy. These items are not discounted the prices are whatever the designer decides upon. Read more here:

I think this is a good idea for designers, I’m always going to events and getting cheapies here and there I honestly don’t pay full price for much except hair and shoes. The designers provide us with good deals and addictive gacha’s it’s time to return the favor as far as events go right? Hopefully you stop by Fair! I don’t have a landmark right now since it’s not open, BUT I do have a sneak peek of the BENT item for Fair it’s called Cirque Dreams. The “theme” to Fair is:

” The event will focus on a theme of time, each designer being inspired by one of the 24 hours in a day. “

BENT’S Catherine Fairport’s hour was 2am and she came up with this awesome idea and there was even a story behind the inspiration so I decided to share:

BENT. Cirque Dreams, the story behind the inspiration.
Loosly inspired by Flashdance, Cirque Dreams is the story of a dancer/gymnast who dreams of bigger things. She’s spent years training, waiting for her big break and has been tending bar at a local strip club to make the rent.

She’s never danced at the club, some of the dancers know of her talent and she’s been giving them a few pointers.

One evening as the bar closes and she is cleaning up, the music inspires her to get on the pole. Just then, a client comes back into the bar who had forgotten his coat. He waits until she is done and approaches, hands her his card and leaves.

She is out of breath and takes the card, turns it over and reads that it is the artistic director of The Cirque.

It is 2am. Friday. June 16th. A new life begins.

Well enough ramble onto the photos!

Cirque Dreams

Cirque Dreams


Hair: KED937/BooN/boo Nakamura

Skin: Betty/Belleza/Tricky Boucher

Entire Outfit minus shoes and gloves: Circus Outfit/The Secret Store/Maylee Oh (Not sure if this is still for sale it was for the epoch event earlier this year)

Boots: Long Cuff Boots/G Field/Cerberus Noel

Pose ad Prop: Cirque Dreams/BENT/Catherine Fairport (@ Fair on Sept. 22nd)

Have an awesome weekend! and don’t forget to do some FLF shopping

Cirque Du Harper ❤

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Vermilion (I won’t let this build up inside of me)

Hey guys,

This is a completely random post, from time to time I like to do “dark” photos, because well…it’s fun. When I get into moody moods I tend to take photos to express, so that’s how this came to be. Not really any rhyme or reason to this I figured it was a bit like a mental patient breaking out…so lets go with that.





Hair: Lively/Lelutka/Thora Charron

Top: Short Tank/NN Designs/Naraia Noriega

Collar: Sleek Leather Slave Collar/Void Inc/Vnelin

Undies: Thong Panties/Delish/Isabel Silversmith

Boots: Range Boots/Leverocci/Jin Elfan

Tattoo: Romance is Dead Tattoo/Chapel Hill/Cryptinjection*

Blood: Victim/Meat ‘N’ More/Raggedymortis Haystack

Stockings: Nets Holes/DRD/Jaimy Hancroft

Piercings: Anonymous/Hebanon Vial/Trisha Zweig

Knife: Dagger/Rei Faudeburgh (Couldn’t find a shop name but search the creator name on the mp and you will find it)

First Pose: Creature Pack/oOo Studio/Olaenka Chesnokov

2nd & 3rd: Badass Pack/oOo Studio/Olaenka Chesnokov

Location: Siden Hospital

*Not for sale yet

Hope your day is less bloody,

Harper ❤

I named this post after this song because I was going through my old laptop and came upon it and it was one of those “I USED TO LOVE THIS SONG” moments. SO! Sharing with you all. 🙂

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I’m New Here (Arcade LOTD)

Hi There!

Wanted to show an arcade look I put together, I’ve been meaning to blog this for about 2 days now. I’ve been busy putting something together 😀 you’ll see soon! I finally got the chance to take these photos. About a month ago my cousin showed me a sim called Soap/Missing Mile (Home of the Soap Co. Main Shop) I’m sure I’d been to the shop before, but I’ve never took time to look around the sim. So! I took my handy dandy camera and went on a bit of a walk through.

I'm New Here

I'm New Here


Hair: Winona/Truth/Truth Hawks

Eyeshadow: Glitter Eyeshadows/Belleza/Shyla Diggs (Previous FLF)

Scarf: Wrapped Scarf/Tres Blah/Julliette Westerburg (@Arcade)

Ring: YOLO Ring/Yummy/Polyester Partridge (@Arcade)

Top: Sheer Baby Blouse/ISON/Harry Hyx (@Arcade)

Camera and Pose: Vintage Brownie Camera (RARE)/Teefy/Azure Electricteeth (@Arcade)

Shorts: Cocoro Shorts/Toki Doki/Maya Levane

Feet & Sandals: Slink/Siddean Munro

Location: Missing Mile

See ya round,

Harper ❤

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