New Mesh Hands!!

Happy Happy Happy Saturday!

I am beyond excited to show you something I’ve been waiting for, for a while Mesh Hands… now I know there are already a pair out there but I had difficulty with them personally and they didn’t blend will for me, that’s just my personal opinion. So when I heard Shansa Resident (Korundi) was working on hands I’ve be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting!

Going to take a moment to gloat because if you didn’t see my post when Shansa first opened her shop it’s here . I told you to keep an eye on this girl! Ok done with my gloat. Moving on to the hands!


Few Things you should know:

These hands are rigged of course moving with your avatar so no matter the hand position they will bend and flex also. So they come in one size no matter your actual hand size these WILL fit however you may need to toggle with your body fat slider a bit. I didn’t have to do this but just in case you may need to.

There is a HUD that comes in the package it has 16 skin presets you can also tint them yourselves using the normal color sliders I’m sure you have seen before but in the case that you aren’t sure what I mean I will post a photo. (NOTE: I did NOT have to color these hands they matched to my skin color, I wear the Fair tone from Belleza)


I will give a few tips though that I noticed when coloring these beauties in the bottom right corner of the hud is the RBG values once you have the hands on a tone that works for you just edit your glove layer and input the same. (if you have slink feet you know what I mean) however if you color the glove layer first I have no idea how you can input those values into the HUD I’m sorry but you can send a note to Shansa Resident if any issues arise.

There are 9 save slots for those who like to switch up skin often, no worries you can save your tones. I always worry about that because some HUDs don’t have the save slot option.

There are 20 nail colors to choose from. 10 varieties of french manicure and 10 solid colors.



Saving the best for last…there is a glove layer to blend these hands! I know I took a photo with bracelets those come in the package along with another pair, so I will take a raw shot showing how these hands blend in without the need for bangles or bracelets.


(This is in the NAMS skin and prim windlight)

New Mesh Hands!!


Hat: Spring Mesh Straw Hat/Baiastice/Sissy Pessoa

Hair: Diana/Burley/Bella Earst

Top: Hem Shirt/Foppish/Foppish Resident (Group Gift)

Skirt: Transparent Long Skirt/Milk Motion/Marie Lauridsen (TDR)

Hands: Mesh Hands/Korundi/Shansa Resident (Get them here Korundi )

Feet: Womens Natural Barefeet/Slink/Siddean Munro

Location: Crossing Currents

Many Thanks to Shansa ❤

Thank you for reading,

Harper ❤


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