I don’t have much to say except it was high time to do something completely random while having a lot of fun with my buddy ❤

Well maybe I have a tad of back story on why the hell I’m dressed like a shark. Well! I was doing my rounds for FLF and at the last shop my friend busts out this mesh shark suit and I’m like WHOA dude…thats kinda awesome where is that from?? He sent me one and I couldn’t stop laughing. So we tped to my photo platform and well… started dancing *shrugs* It’s good to laugh at yourself! That’s what fun is all about sometimes.


He tried to bite me!!


So I keeled him! \o/


Then he had nerve to swim off crying to his mama pfft! (yes, somehow he came back to life…you think YOU’RE shocked)

Then he came back to dance for a happy ending! 😀

Memorable Quotes:

[01:10] Shayne Taylor (shaynetaylor): i think you are a
[01:10] Shayne Taylor (shaynetaylor): super legitimate blogger
[01:10] Shayne Taylor (shaynetaylor): btw
[01:10] Harper Elle Coeur (shawneese.offcourse): awww thanks!
[01:11] Harper Elle Coeur (shawneese.offcourse): I said thanks outloud
[01:11] Harper Elle Coeur (shawneese.offcourse) facepalms

[01:13] Shayne Taylor (shaynetaylor): betta not pop a tooth in my ass

I ❤ my brotha from anotha

My Credits:

Hair: Quiet Dream/Exile/Kavar Cleanslate

Suit: Shark Jaws Mesh/Grafosyakuza Shop/Yoho Waco (He has a few other fun items too!)

Shoes: Cathy Shoes/Redgrave/TeamRedgrave (had to stay fly)

First Pose: 60s Fashion Models/BENT/Catherine Fairport

Second Pose: Model Pack 13/Glitterati/Katey Coppola

Happy Swimming!

Harp Jaws ❤ or Great White Shawn if we go the SL name route

P.S. This is a funny Shark photo I saw on plurk a while back, since it’s in theme I’ll share! 


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