Show me your Good Side (lemme take yo pitcha)

Ok guys so I know I haven’t been blogging for ages however I’m getting sick of looking at myself! I decided I’m going to start a photo project so to speak, I’m going to take photos of all my friends and family and uploading them on flickr. I want photo shop practice I love learn (photoshop lol) so this is a good way for me to do it. I thought I might extend out to the folks that read this silly blog, because I appreciate you ❤ sooo sooo much! I know I’m no picasso, but I’ll try my damnedest!

If you are interested contact me inworld via IM or NC @ Harper Elle Coeur (shawneese.offcourse) my online status is not hidden. (offlines go to email) If you are on plurk and PP me I probably won’t see it boo lol I’m a horrid plurker tbh til I’m drunk then…then I’m the shit. I’ll do this for about a week or so.

SO! with that here is some photographer/studio esque styled photos I took!

Show Me Your Good Side

^Raw Shot

Show Me Your Good Side

^what I’m tired of doing

Show Me Your Good Side

^what I want to be doing


Hair: Fade into you/Exile/Kavar Cleanslate

Lingerie: Little Ache/Kyoot/Saeya Nyanda

Coat: Lila Fur Coat/Belgravia/Jin Elfan

All Jewelry Accessories: Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (Headband @TDR)

Heels: Cathy Shoes/Redgrave/TeamRedgrave

Hands: Mesh Hands/Korundi/Shansa

Camera Prop Poses: The Photographer/BENT/Catherine Fairport

2nd Photo Pose: Rouge Pack/oOo Studios/Olaenka Chesnokov

Mai Tai: Zooby (Yes he will be present, but it doesn’t bite any harder than I do)

Lights: Umbrella Floor Light/LISP/Pandora Popstar

Camera on Tripod: 16mp Pro Camera tripod/H&H/Muzzle Marshdevil

Hope to hear from some of you,

“Who the hell gave the camera to” Harper ❤

P.S. Have to admit I’m really nervous about this guys! I’m super shy *hides her face* and I aim to please. *takes a pause* haha so I hate to disappoint! This is probably why I drink!

P.P.S. The pup is my partner in crime *smiles like a crazy person* Little boring mushy back story on the pup.

In RL I had a dog who was also a Boston Terrier his name was Tyson. Well I guess I shouldn’t speak in past tense Tyson is very much alive and kicking he will be 4 in a couple months! BUT I joined the military about a year after I got Tyson so my mother kept him for me, I friggin love that damn dog, I wanted him back but my mom fell in love with him and I was honestly too busy to take proper care of him. So he stayed back home. 😦 So when I saw this cutie which I’ve had for a long time actually (lately I’ve been a weirdo clinger to him), I had to get him and name him Tyson, seriously this dog looks just like him! I call my RL Tyson “My Ty” and well…let’s face it folks I’m a drinker! So I named my Zooby BT “Mai Tai” clever right? see what I did there??


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