Cirque Dreams (BENT for Fair)

Hey everyone!

So if you haven’t heard Chic Management is having an event on the 22nd called “Fair” it has its name because they are implementing the fair pricing policy. These items are not discounted the prices are whatever the designer decides upon. Read more here:

I think this is a good idea for designers, I’m always going to events and getting cheapies here and there I honestly don’t pay full price for much except hair and shoes. The designers provide us with good deals and addictive gacha’s it’s time to return the favor as far as events go right? Hopefully you stop by Fair! I don’t have a landmark right now since it’s not open, BUT I do have a sneak peek of the BENT item for Fair it’s called Cirque Dreams. The “theme” to Fair is:

” The event will focus on a theme of time, each designer being inspired by one of the 24 hours in a day. “

BENT’S Catherine Fairport’s hour was 2am and she came up with this awesome idea and there was even a story behind the inspiration so I decided to share:

BENT. Cirque Dreams, the story behind the inspiration.
Loosly inspired by Flashdance, Cirque Dreams is the story of a dancer/gymnast who dreams of bigger things. She’s spent years training, waiting for her big break and has been tending bar at a local strip club to make the rent.

She’s never danced at the club, some of the dancers know of her talent and she’s been giving them a few pointers.

One evening as the bar closes and she is cleaning up, the music inspires her to get on the pole. Just then, a client comes back into the bar who had forgotten his coat. He waits until she is done and approaches, hands her his card and leaves.

She is out of breath and takes the card, turns it over and reads that it is the artistic director of The Cirque.

It is 2am. Friday. June 16th. A new life begins.

Well enough ramble onto the photos!

Cirque Dreams

Cirque Dreams


Hair: KED937/BooN/boo Nakamura

Skin: Betty/Belleza/Tricky Boucher

Entire Outfit minus shoes and gloves: Circus Outfit/The Secret Store/Maylee Oh (Not sure if this is still for sale it was for the epoch event earlier this year)

Boots: Long Cuff Boots/G Field/Cerberus Noel

Pose ad Prop: Cirque Dreams/BENT/Catherine Fairport (@ Fair on Sept. 22nd)

Have an awesome weekend! and don’t forget to do some FLF shopping

Cirque Du Harper ❤


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