Challenge Accepted

Hey there,

Every now and again I get sent items from shops, some of them I blog some of them I don’t. I try switch things up on my blog because I don’t want to have a defined “style”. I try to be modest to naked, innocent to tattooed. Well I got sent some new releases from a shop called Swords & Sahara Designs owned by ARCO Swords and Lehna Sahara. I had no idea what type of items they sold til I opened the packages and a friend of mine was there and said “That’s a Gor Shop!” I was like “REALLY?!” So I went through the outfits and fell in love with this one, because number 1…it’s awesome. 2…It’s like nothing I’ve blogged before. and 3…I love a good challenge, I love to look at something and say “I gotta blog this, but how?”. Well I figured it out! It’s a bit of a story I guess, the fight and the finish. Hope you like it! 🙂

Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted


Hair: Athena/Lelutka/Thora Carron

Skin: Jen/League/Nena Janus

Dirt: Dirty Muddy/Pekka/Kathya Szczepanski

Outfit: Barka Woman/Swords & Sahara Designs/ARCO Swords

Sword: Valkross Sword/Torvis Gorean Weapons/Torvis Rainfall (Funny enough I got this sword this past weekend bc some friends and I did a pirate adventure and were being silly, funny how things work out!)

Feet: Slink/Siddean Munro

First pose: Balls #21/Everglow/Fanny Willis (Meant to be a couple dancing, but it worked perfectly!)

Second Pose: Maci Pack/Purple Poses/Audrey Guter

Location: Sa Kara

Wish we would have used facial expressions, but we thought about that too late sadly. : \

Thank you Lehna Sahara for sending me this outfit. ❤

AND I got NEWS! I got the honor of having one of my photos featured in Cajsa Lilliehook’s column on Shopping Cart Disco called “What I Like”! You can view my photo and the other choosen here What I Like #85 A HUGE Thank you goes to Cajsa, some of the other photos in the article are done by SL Resident’s whose work I admire so to have one of my photos choosen is amazing. *girly screams*


Bird Food Harper ❤

P.S. A thank you to Coral aka Lioness for helping me out by throwing me into a pit of sand, true friend right there. ❤


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