Morbid Union

This wasn’t going to be a post, but I figured I should share the credits in the case you wanna get your bloody masked freak on too. This is the result of two oddballs hanging out, and then they start doing it and stuff… ❤

Morbid Union


Hair: Secretive/Magika/Sabina Gully

Eye Patch: Chika’s Eye Patch/Cobrahive/Chikane Kaligawa

Mask: Neck Mask/Vika Design/Dayane Coba

Blood: Victim/Meat ‘N’ More/Raggedymortis Haystack

Knife (comes with it’s own blood layers): Til’ The End/Meat ‘N’ More/Raggedymortis Haystack

Top: Silk Bralette/ISON/Harry Hyx

Undies: From Vicereine gown/Indyra/Indyra Seigo

Pose: Locked/Del May Poses/Del May (was a group gift so if its not for sale that’s probably why)

Location: My new hideaway in the sky…charming ain’t it?

Not sure of Chris’ credits, but Imma guess…here it goes:

Exile hair

Pumpkin pants

The tattoo he made (I know that for sure, it’s called The Norseman…BAM -> Chapel Hill free promotion right there… I’m an awesome girlfriend js)

Mask is meat n more

aaand maybe the blood is meat n more too.

Thank you for reading!

Harper ❤


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