Know Your Tatas

As well all know it’s breast cancer awareness month, tatas all over flickr! I wanted to join in and do a post also because it’s personal for me. Many members of my family have died from cancer in fact all of my grandparents died from it. My paternal Grandmother was the one effected by breast cancer, she died in October of last year funny enough on this exact day, she was my last living grandparent. Somethings in life can’t be helped, but it never hurts to take precautions and take care of ourselves as best as we can. ❤

Know Your Tatas

Know Your Tatas

I didn’t get into detailed credits because frankly I’m not wearing much AND because this post isn’t about the items, I typed in pink in my inventory and just sort of wore all accessories.

Hair: Wasabi Pills (past FLF)

Glasses: Alphavillian (way old FLF)

Stache Ring: North West (past FLF)

Second Ring: Wippet and Buck (past C88)

Bangles: Mandala (old group gift)

Crown: LaViere (@ current c88)

First Pose: tbh…we’re all on pose stands I have not a clue what everyone else used, but mine is from Magnifique

Pose in second photo: Magnifique

The ribbon is a full perm off the mp by Meli Imako

A big thank you to my fam for posing with me for this post, love you all!! ❤

Harper ❤


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