Ball Dropper (pt. 2)

Here is the continuation of my previous post, if you did not see part 1 you can view it here Ball Dropper (pt. 1) HAPPY NEW YEAR, I’ll see you in 2013! 😉

Ball Dropper (pt. 2)

Dress 6: Flirty

April Dress/Celoe/Jadenart

Dress 7: Voluptuous

June Dress/Celoe/Jadenart

Dress 8: Classic

Cannes Halter Dress/Leverocci/Jin Elfan

Dress 9: Daring

Dress with spikes/Fanatik/Michell Tomsen

Dress 10: Classy

Marilyn Dress/Rebel Hope Design/Rebel Hope

Other Credits:

Hair pin: Bizarre Flower Headpiece/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia

Ring: Bizarre Flower RingLagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia

Earrings: Santa Monica Earrings/LagyoLagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia

Necklace: Jennifer Pearls/Yummy/Polyester Partridge

Shoes: Fairy Crystal Pumps/ISON/Harry Hyx

Prop and some poses: Royale Box/W.Winx/Whimsy Winx

Poses for photo 8 and 10: Vanity Pose Set/Wetcat/Wetcat Flux

Harper ❤


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