Back In 10 (New Secret Store)

I wanted to be a tad bit adventurous yesterday, I haven’t done so many “on location” lately, I usually just set something up in the air at my home and call it a post. I miss going to sims and looking around seeing things I’ve yet to see, maybe even meet some folks. So yesterday thats what I did. If you have never seen  Carolina Sautereau’s blog before, first of all I don’t know where you’ve been, secondly she has an amazing list of locations on her blog with photos included, this is how I found the sim I used for this photo. You can find the list here at Carol’s Style Locations.

Back In 10


Hair: Equestrian Cap Fiona/Argrace/Rika Oyen

Necklace: Key to My Heart/Noodles/Natalee Oodles (past flf)

Sweater: 3D Rose Sweater/The Secret Store/Maylee Oh (NEW)

Bracelets: Jennifer Pearl Set/Yummy/Polyester Partridge

Bag: DIY Fashion Lunch Bags/Flowey/Flutter Memel (past flf)

Skirt: Mini Skirt/Maitreya/Onyx Leshelle

Tights: Patterned Tights II/Izzie’s/Izzie Button

Boots: Leopold Boots/Ispachi/Diarmuid Miklos (mens shoes, just sized them down)

Pose and Prop are not mine it, I just posed on a prop that was on the sim it was made by the sim’s owner.

Location: Hazardous

Harper ❤


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