Beach Combers (My SL Pet Peeves Meme)

Beach Combers

Wanted to have a go at Berry’s My SL Pet Peeves Meme, if you aren’t familiar with this meme yet, you basically name your top five things in SL that just drive you nuts. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this at first in fear I’d come off like a biotch but mehhhh always nice to rant from time to time.

  1. I’ll have to concur with Berry on this one. Random TPs, I hate them, one way to get deleted from my friend list…random tp me. 
  2. Profiles…. now for Berry’s she put people who don’t read them, I agree with that also however I want to add in….false advertising. People who try to come off like badasses, oddly most these people who have IMed me with profiles like this are actually nice. It’s just sad they feel they have to try to intimidate others via profile, same goes for people who seem full of themselves, as if they are beyond SL, they say things like “I have a RL do you?” in their RL tab. Well yes obviously I do have a RL, if I choose to spend my free time on my damn laptop whats it to you?? doesn’t make you better than me when you log in just as much as I do.
  3. Copybotters….I’m not a creator, but I HATE botters. I think it’s one of the most disrespectful thing you can do in SL tbh…. copying and selling something for cheap that doesn’t belong to you to begin with.
  4. Stone me if you want for this next one but…. Status Climbers. OH BOY where do I start…. the people who think “if I’m friends with so and so people will respect and adore me as they do them” NO. You have to work just as hard as that person if you want true respect for what you do in SL. There are tonsssss of talented people in SL. Designers, Bloggers, Photographers. Just because you are buddy buddy with these people doesn’t make you them. I think the worst thing about status chasers is that they don’t realize everyone else has already labeled them as such.
  5. Hmmm this was a toughie but people who lie about their RL. In anyway really, whether it’s a photo, lying about gender, or their occupation. I feel SL is the one place you can be who you want and look like what you want. Majority of folks here will not judge you if you are honest from the beginning. If you are a man who plays a female or a female who plays a male. WHO CARES! It’s YOU that matters people will love you regardless of what your avatar looks like.


Hair: Rewind/Magika/Sabina Gully (NEW)

Necklace: Sybil’s LadyBug Amulet/MG/Maxi Gossamer (NEW @ faMESHed)

Top: Bandeau/Drift/Kallisto Destiny (NEW)

Bracelets: Seluku Bracelets/MG/Maxi Gossamer

Shorts: Tulip Shorts/Mon Tissu/Anouk Spot (NEW)

Shoes: Lolita Espadrilles/Gos Boutique/Gospel Voom

Pose: Girls Poses #63/Everglow/Fanny Willis ( @ Pose Fair)

Harper ❤



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2 responses to “Beach Combers (My SL Pet Peeves Meme)

  1. Trinity V.

    These are awesome! I really appreciated reading your responses.

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