Gone But Never Forgotten

Memorial Day

Being that I served in the military myself, I appreciate Memorial Day, which is why when Mister came up with this idea for a photo I was all about it. I’ve seen the loss of service members, and  even though it’s just a day, we take a moment to respect those who lost their lives serving our country. Gone, but never forgotten. ♥


Hair: Gattina/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks

Handband: From the ‘Video Games’ hairstyle/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks

Blazer: Piper Blazer/Elate!/Kelly Iwish

Dress: Flight Dress/ISON/Harry Hyx

Pose: Holdin It Together/Little Red Hen/December Dollinger

Scene Credits:

Table Set: Garden Cafe Table/What Next/Winter Thorn (@Home and Garden Expo)

Grill: From the Deluxe Picnic Set/Le Bistro/Amera Pomilio

Flag: American Flag with lites/Mush Caldera

Breanna’s Credits:

Hair: Honest/Magika/Sabina Gully

Ensemble: Paris Days/Pink Peony Boutique/Forever Khaos

Mister’s Credits




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2 responses to “Gone But Never Forgotten

  1. Have a great Memorial Day and thank you for your service!

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