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Natural Beauty (Hair Fair’s Bandana Day)

Natural Beauty

Tomorrow marks the last day of hair fair and just as important… it is Bandana Day. “The day we remove our hair to show we care”

You can read more about Hair Fair’s Bandana Day on the  Hair Fair Blog.

I’m wearing a bandana that was made by the oh so talented Anya Ohmai, I choose to wear this bandana not just for how beautiful it is, thought that’s reason enough. Anya shared a bit of back story that was pretty interesting, about working for a doll wig distributor and her brother being effected by alopecia. Was a pretty cool read.

So many people I’ve known personally have dealt with hair loss, from cancer treatments and alopecia. I see them and know what they are dealing with, but never really thought how I would feel in their position. Even though bandana day is something that occurs in SL. I feel it supports those you know in real life as well, and also it really makes you think about your hair’s worth. It’s something we could all live without technically…. I mean if you shave your head right now you won’t keel over, yet no one wants to go without it, and well…some people don’t get that choice sadly. Before I ramble on and on I just want to say that I hope you support and wear your bandana’s proudly, it’s one day, and one item, that says so much. ♥


Bandana: Ohmai/Anya Ohmai (@Hair Fair 2013 and 50L with all proceeds going to Wigs For Kids)

Earrings and Necklace: Jennifer Set/Yummy/Polyester Partridge

Wrap: Fur Wrap/Saikin/Saikin Inaka

Dress: Aamani Wrap Dress/Zaara/Zaara Kohime

Harper ❤


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Inner Child (NEW @ What Next)

Inner Child


I wanted to show you all this roundabout from “What Next” because I loved it so much. I thought well… this roundabout brought out the child in me so I literally brought out the child in me. 😛

I started this blog off with my kid avie Addison, and once I switched to blogging on Harper. Addison became well… forgotten about. So many times I’ve thought “hmm I should blog this or that on Addi”…never got around to it. Poor lil Addi, anyways she’s in full effect this post! So here it is, the new release from “What Next” the roundabout! if you have the swing set already they go PERFECTLY  together! You may be able to see my swing set a bit on the far left.

My next hope is that they will continue with this playset to where it is complete with seesaw, slide and monkeybars. With the talent of the What Next team, it’s definitely possible. *fingers crossed*

Playground Roundabout/What Next/FrankLee Anatra (@What Next Mainshop)

Happy Spinning!

Addi ❤


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Hope You Can Keep Up (Boats & Bikinis Expo, SL Fashion Week, Lazy Sunday preview)



I got some goodies to show youuu.

Firstly Hair Fair ends on the 28th! So If you have not had the chance to go make sure you get there asap! I know you may be thinking “the hair will be released in the main shop I’ll just go get it then” BUT not all the hairs will be in main shops after hair fair I can bet you that. So those hairs you have been debating on, buy them while you can! I choose another Hair Fair item from Fashionbly Dead because honestly I really loved her hairs for this event. Most have an add on or accessory (with hud for color changing) to them and it’s always nice to be able to make it your own.

Next SL Fashion Week opened today, a friend of mine Tea Soup made these ADORABLE floral headbands for it, they come in 2 versions and about 6 colors. I love all things floral…really I do. SL Fashion Week is a discount event so you can get these headbands for a steal. 😀 Lazy Sunday is slowly approaching in which Tea.S will also be a participate with her Geo Bracelets, they come in 4 shapes and 4 different colors. Really can’t go wrong with a bracelet we could all use more of those to add to our daily outfits, and these bracelets are perfect for that.

Last, but definitely not least. The Boats & Bikinis Expo began yesterday (I would have posted this yesterday, but I kept playing around with the photo editing and the fact that flickr was down completely slipped my mind!) All items are well… exactly what you think they are! There is also some outdoor furniture, beach themed home decor and tons of other goodies! I decided to go for this bikini top from tarnished for the expo, it’s fringe…. fringe win…. enough said!

Hope you have an awesome weekend shopping your behind off and don’t forget FLF today! I’ll be making my rounds here in a bit 😀 ♥


Hair: Jupiter/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard (@Hair Fair 2013)

Headband: Floral Headband/Tea.S/Tea Soup (@SL Fashion Week)

Skin: Margot/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing

Earrings: Axila/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (@Collabor88)

Necklace: Axila/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (@Collabor88)

Top: Melon Splash Bikini Top/Tarnished/December Larkham (@The Boats & Bikinis Expo)

Shorts: Give it to me/u.f.o./Charming Meiler (@Collabor88)

Bracelet (middle): Axila/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (@Collabor88)

Braclets (Top & Bottom): Geo Bracelets/Tea.S/Tea Soup (For Lazy Sunday)

Satchel: Tiny Satchel/The Secret Store/Maylee Oh

Pose: Marukin/Valenica Southard

Location: Rougham

Harper ❤


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Celtic Princess (Zodiac Leo)

So yesterday the final zodiac opened, Zodiac Leo will end where zodiac began, my blog hit a year old a few days back and it’s been pretty funny seeing things start to repeat themselves. I remember last year (exactly a year ago actually lol) doing posts for Zodiac Leo called Zodiac Attack, now of course the photo wasn’t as pretty, but I was none the wiser. I must say I’ll miss Zodiac, it was a really unique event. At some point during the year EVERYONE got to feel important as if it were personalized just for them. Farewell Zodiac may you R.I.P. ♥

Celtic Princess


Hair and Crown: Alvina/Lelutka/Thora Charron (@Hair Fair 2013)

Bracelets and Necklace: Lion’s Paw Torque Jewelry/Lassitude & Ennui/Jackal Ennui (@Zodiac)

Dress: Odette Dress/Decoy/Annette Voight (@Collabor88)

Pose: Le Poppycock

Location: Flower Power & The Wishing Tree

Harper ❤

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alrighty, well I don’t think I’ve ever taken a photo with different looks using two of my avatars before so for some reason I got froggy and leaped. This is the product of such lol. I made a blog alt months back I’ve used her a few times for post in the past here here here oh and here. I figured it was time to dust my home girl off, it’s been a while plus sometimes I just get bored with Harper and need to do something different. So that was today’s mission, besides showing you more stuff you need to buy if you have not already. 😀



Skin: Katya/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (@The Boutique)

Hair: Ineke/MINA/Mina Nakamura (@Hair Fair 2013)

Necklace: Mina Necklace/Tableau Vivant/M4ri1yn Magic (@The Gallery Gift Shop)

Top: 3D Flowers Lace Top/Milk Motion/Marie Lauridsen (@Collabor88)

Shorts: Heather Ruffles High Waist/Tee*fy/Azure Electricteeth (@Collabor88)

Pose: Beth Pose Pack/Diesel Works/Rogan Diesel


Hair: Five/Analog Dog/Queue Marlowe

Headband: Aura Headpiece/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (@TDR Fusion)

Dress: Frilly Dress/Tres Blah/Julliette Westerburg (@Collabor88)

Pose: Lotus Pack/Marukin/Valencia Southard

Harper  & Dolce 

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If I Had A Voice I Would Sing

If I Had A Voice I Would Sing

Getting to more goodies from Collabor88 & Hair Fair…. these two events are going to flood my blog, I’m just loving them a lot right now.

From Collabor88 I all about this House of Fox top, I love the puffy sleeves, really can be dressed any way but I didn’t want to pair it with the skirt it’s part of the set with cause I just wanted to switch it up and try to wear it different ways SO I paired it with these trousers from Milk Motion that are lace….I love me some lace! They are high waisted and simply adorable. The Antlers come from Schadenfreude they come with a HUD with so many options I didn’t even know where to begin, so you can customize then however you like. The necklace from DECO I knew I had to blog, I love  items with a bit of a twist to it, this isn’t your everyday floral necklace…it’s a flower with a necklace instead of the other way around, probably one of my favorite DECO  items. Onto Hair Fair, I really fell in love with the Fashionably Dead items. Most have a few different versions and adds on with accessories, more ways to wear your hair, always a bonus.


Antlers: Midsummer Antlers/Schadenfreude/Allegory Malaprop (@Collabor88)

Hair: Mercury/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard (@Hair Fair 2013)

Necklace: Woodland Necklace/DECO/Barf Delicioso (@Collabor88)

Top: Puff Sleeve Blouse/Color.Me.H.O.F/Fashionboi Landar (@Collabor88)

Pants: Peg Lace Trousers/Milk Motion/Marie Lauridsen (@Collabor88)

Ring: Disco Lover/MG/Maxi Gossamer (@Collabor88)


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Spread Your Wings (Hair Fair 2013 & Collabor88)

Spread Your Wings

HIII! I’m so excited to get back to blogging!

Unless you are on my plurk timeline you probably don’t know that I was a counselor for Camp Hardknock Summer 2013 all this past week, if you don’t know anything about the camp it is a bi annual event amongst the family community of actual overnight camp! This was my first time being a counselor it was tons of fun, I got to meet a lot of cool people that I wouldn’t have gotten to meet any other way. ♥

As much fun as Camp Hardknock was I was dying to blog, it’s my niche in SL I’ve learned. Without it, I feel so out of my element, I was browsing flickr this past week just sighing thinking of ideas for photos and such. BUT the time has come to return to my regularly scheduled blogging 😀

SO onto the goodies, Collabor88 happened! I know you know about it and I must say the items are really really good this round, I couldn’t pick what I wanted to wear cause there was so many items I liked. I foresee multiple posts this month with Collabor88 items.

ALSO Hair Fair 2013 kicked off on the 13th! There is a shocking amount of stores I got hair from that I’ve never heard of! EVEN some “retired” designers returning, plus specialty hairs from designers who usually don’t make hair. It was a hell of a shopping spree lemme tell you.



Hair: Venus/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard (@Hair Fair 2013)

Eyelids: Mesh Lids and Lashes/Slink/Siddean Munro

Vest: Denim Vest/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard (@Collabor88)

Dress: Lace Dress/Milk Motion/Marie Lauridsen (@Collabor88)

Prop: Bicycle Decor (from boardwalk bicycle rezzer)/What Next/FrankLee Anatra

Pose: Falling Pack/Adorkable Poses/Adorkable Peapod (no longer available)


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