Inner Child (NEW @ What Next)

Inner Child


I wanted to show you all this roundabout from “What Next” because I loved it so much. I thought well… this roundabout brought out the child in me so I literally brought out the child in me. 😛

I started this blog off with my kid avie Addison, and once I switched to blogging on Harper. Addison became well… forgotten about. So many times I’ve thought “hmm I should blog this or that on Addi”…never got around to it. Poor lil Addi, anyways she’s in full effect this post! So here it is, the new release from “What Next” the roundabout! if you have the swing set already they go PERFECTLY  together! You may be able to see my swing set a bit on the far left.

My next hope is that they will continue with this playset to where it is complete with seesaw, slide and monkeybars. With the talent of the What Next team, it’s definitely possible. *fingers crossed*

Playground Roundabout/What Next/FrankLee Anatra (@What Next Mainshop)

Happy Spinning!

Addi ❤



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2 responses to “Inner Child (NEW @ What Next)

  1. okay pardon my fangirling but Addison is so so cute! I’m still overcoming fear of adding motion blur to my pictures, maybe the playground set will get me past it~ ty for sharing !!

    • Shawneese Offcourse

      Awww Thank you! 🙂 and yeah I have a fear of motion blur as well! I figured I’d give it a go for this photo, hopefully I’ll be able to practice more with it. ♥

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