Natural Beauty (Hair Fair’s Bandana Day)

Natural Beauty

Tomorrow marks the last day of hair fair and just as important… it is Bandana Day. “The day we remove our hair to show we care”

You can read more about Hair Fair’s Bandana Day on the  Hair Fair Blog.

I’m wearing a bandana that was made by the oh so talented Anya Ohmai, I choose to wear this bandana not just for how beautiful it is, thought that’s reason enough. Anya shared a bit of back story that was pretty interesting, about working for a doll wig distributor and her brother being effected by alopecia. Was a pretty cool read.

So many people I’ve known personally have dealt with hair loss, from cancer treatments and alopecia. I see them and know what they are dealing with, but never really thought how I would feel in their position. Even though bandana day is something that occurs in SL. I feel it supports those you know in real life as well, and also it really makes you think about your hair’s worth. It’s something we could all live without technically…. I mean if you shave your head right now you won’t keel over, yet no one wants to go without it, and well…some people don’t get that choice sadly. Before I ramble on and on I just want to say that I hope you support and wear your bandana’s proudly, it’s one day, and one item, that says so much. ♥


Bandana: Ohmai/Anya Ohmai (@Hair Fair 2013 and 50L with all proceeds going to Wigs For Kids)

Earrings and Necklace: Jennifer Set/Yummy/Polyester Partridge

Wrap: Fur Wrap/Saikin/Saikin Inaka

Dress: Aamani Wrap Dress/Zaara/Zaara Kohime

Harper ❤


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