No Cat’s Cool As This Kitty Cat (C88 August Preview)

A Cool Cat In Town

Collabor88 will open it’s doors tomorrow and celebrate it’s 2nd birthday! So funny how quickly time passes by. The theme will be 1920s era “Razzle Dazzle” and I am all about vintage! Just like the first Collabor88 birthday all designers were asked back to celebrate, except this time there is even a special build just for this occasion! I saw a sneak peek on flickr and let me tell you.. it looks damn good. I have to say Collabor88 is my favorite event, I can skip out or take my time getting to lots of events, but never C88. Even back when Collabor88 was in it’s early stages I was always there on the 8th clicking like a mad woman to get in fight lag, lose my lindens and ask some random stranger to pay me 1L that I paid back just to correct my L balance, noob walking and rolling over strangers, paying 88L like 3 times for the same item because it was cheap I didn’t care about the failed delivery I wanted it nowww… ahhh the good times. Collabor88 still fills up every month and with good reason, it’s worth all the SL technical difficulties. I want to wish a very happy second birthday to Collabor88, may there be many many many more. ♥

Also I want to add how much I adore this Clawtooth hair, I missed Clawtooth in C88 last month, but this hair was totally worth the wait, plus he spoiled us with hair fair goodies so I can’t whine. Bubbles was definitely in his element when he made this hair. ♥


Hair: Angeles/Clawtooth/Bubbles Clawtooth (Coming soon to Collabor88 August)

Necklace: Helen Collier/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (Coming soon to Collabor88 August)

Dress: Cattie Dress/VinCue/Cate Ying (Coming soon to Collabor88 August)

Pose: Florence Pack/Kirin Poses/Carolina Sautereau (Coming soon to Collabor88 August)

Harper  ❤

P.S. Lots of items this round are reminding me of The  Great Gatsby film from this year so I decided to share a song from the soundtrack that seemed to go with the photo.



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3 responses to “No Cat’s Cool As This Kitty Cat (C88 August Preview)

  1. Thanks for photographing this in NYC >.<

  2. empress

    what is the skin ??

    • Shawneese Offcourse

      Hi Empress it is Glam Affair’s Lulu it was out for Collabor88 last month, but I’m not sure if it is still available 😦

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