Cozy Homes

Cozy Homes


I wanted to tell you all about this wonderful home from “Cozy Homes” If you are familiar with cozy homes, it’s been around for yearssss, and of course updating right along with second life by making partial mesh homes, BUT NOW! The first ALL mesh family home from Cozy named ‘Adora’ has been released! I’m so happy to see an all mesh family home with the charm as this home has, I have a lot of problems finding traditional mesh homes that I really like that can be used universally. The wonderful and talented team at Cozy (Paige Raven & Terra Claremont) have come together to not only provide this mesh home, but furniture as well! You can purchase furniture for EVERY room in this home. I decorated the living room and kitchen myself just to show the different things you can do with this home but the study, girls bedroom, bathroom and master bedroom I left as is. You can view this home and other Cozy Homes at the Cozy Home Sim there is no rezzer each home is nicely laid out on the sim some with furnishings which is nice to see a home completed when you are shopping.

I’m really impressed by this home and it’s charm, it can be used on any type of sim, even beach sim! (It comes with stilts as an option) I’ve put this home up for display on my personal sim where it will be for sometime. 😀

A big thank you goes out to the team at cozy for allowing me to review this beautiful home ♥

Happy Shopping!

Harper  ❤


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