My Way Or….My Way

My Way Or....My Way


SL Fashion Week only has a few days left which means you only have a few days left to grab the Star Key Necklace from tea.s, it comes in 4 different metals and you can get it at at a steal at SL Fashion Week, which has a new round coming up on Friday.

I want to talk about this tattoo for a second and how much I love it, LOVE neck tats first of all and I have to admit this tattoo from Hiatus is really well done. It’s hard to find GOOD tattoos honestly, but next time I’m looking for a tat I’ll surely be visiting Hiatus.

Now this isn’t new but I’ve been wearing it a lot lately, this hair from liquence is about a week old, though I got it on day one. <.< I don’t know what it is about a bun that never gets old…I guess because they go with just about anything and everything, can be dressed up or down, and you can easily add accessories. Versatility…is the word of the day.


Hair: F5/Liquence/Riku Reikaz

Top: Denim Vest/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard

Necklace: Star Key Necklace/tea.s/Tea Soup (SL Fashion Week)

Wings: Mannequiel Wings/Schadenfreude/Allegory Malaprop

Tattoo: Impossible/hiatus/Silvia Antorian

Harper  ❤


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