Rock Solid (NEW @ TDR Fusion)

Rock Solid

Sooo I haven’t done one of Berry’s memes in a while and not because I didn’t want to, but just don’t have the time I used to and honestly I’m quite boring so I never know what to say half the time on most the responses, I’m pretty shy THESE days… SL changes ya! BUT I had to do this one because it is about close friends in SL. (Plus Coral said if I didn’t do this meme she wouldn’t talk to me anymore)

I met Coral Lacey almost 2 years ago (wow time is flying) through a mutual friend… at first I thought she hated me, then I realized she was just a bit shy. We’d known each other to some degree for months never really had a one on one conversation, but for some reason or another I really admired her. I guess because I could tell she was a good person, and she wasn’t one of those people who just want to impress everyone, she is who she is. When I started my blog she was the first person I turned to for advice, she helped me kick start this blog and ever since then she’s had to put up with me, I’m sure she’s regretting that by now! She’s probably the only person in SL I can be brutally honest with even if we’re talking about one another because well….a lot of people get butt hurt alllll the time about everythinggg, people can be extremely sensitive, so it’s nice to have that person to just tell you the truth WITHOUT being a dick about it because you actually value their opinion (Hard to find people who can criticize you with class). On the flip side I can tell her even the most private of things and half the time she’s been there done that (because she’s just as crazy as I am) and knows exactly how I feel and what I’m going through. I’ve never had such a close friend in SL before so I’m grateful to have one as amazing as Coral. ♥


Skin: Neva- Artic/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (NEW@Collabor88)

Hair: Boys & Girls 46/Dura/Chiaki Xue (NEW)

Choker: Tri band Collar/JD/Davidefre (NEW@TDR Fusion)

Harper  ❤

P.S. Coral’s credits are the same but you can view her post here


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