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Somewhere That’s Green (NEW @ The Secret Store & Tableau Vivant)

Somewhere That's Green


Yesterday The Secret Store released this adorably retro dress called “Lulu Vintage Dress”. A few nights ago I watched Little Shop Of Horrors with Mister just because we’re dorks and I was hungry so I said “feed me seymour!” at which point he went on to tell me how as a kid the movie freaked him out, which looking back I could see how any kid would be afraid of plants after watching it, but I was a weird kid so I LOVED this movie, mainly because there were songs to sing, I love musicals! As a kid thought I loved Seymour mainly because he’s played by Rick Moranis and I was a fan of the Honey, I Shrunk The Kids movies, but seeing it now as an adult, you pick up on how greedy he was, he wanted everything and was willing to do whatever he had to do to keep the plant alive so that he would stay a success! He might look dorky, awkward and sweet, but that Seymour is one shady character! If I were in I would have axed that plant the minute I realized I had to give it blood to survive, I mean clearly nothing good was going to come from that Seymour!!

Anywho enough of that chatter! This dress reminded me of the scene where Audrey sings “Somewhere That’s Green” if you are not familiar with the song or movie, she basically talks of her dream of a picture perfect life, and she’s this perfect housewife with a perfect husband and perfect kids and everything is perfect perfect perfect….PERFECT! lol Now this dress is WAY cuter than the dresses in the scene, but it makes you picture a 50’s housewife. This dress comes in an array of solid colors and 4 two tone patterns as well! It is now available @ The Secret Store Mainshop!

Next is a hair release from Tableau Vivant called “Bardot” that happened to match perfectly with being equally retro and elegant. This hair is available at the Tableau Vivant Hair Shop along with another release that I’ll be blogging soon, it’s just as lovely.

Happy Shopping!


Hair: Bardot/Tableau Vivant/M4ri1yn Magic (NEW)

Skin: Vera/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (NEW)

Dress: Lulu Vintage Dress/The Secret Store/Maylee Oh (NEW)

Ring: Fortune Lotus Flower/MG/Maxi Gossamer (Past Limited Bazaar item)


*Funky*Junk* Salinas House/Ulaa Coronet

LAQ Decor ~ (White) Ruffled Slipcover Sofa/Winter DiPrima

Trompe Loeil – Wood and Metal Endtable Mahogany/Cory Edo

{what next} Retro Telephone (black)/FrankLee Anatra

Notepad with pencil. BM/BackWoods Mafia/Mistyy Minotaur

{af} Icon Tower Lamp {Charcoal}(Apple Fall/warehousefifteendesigns)

Floria flower vase/Bazar/Ria Bazar

The Loft  – Starburst Mirror Bronze/Colleen Desmoulins (can only see the bottom, but figured I’d credit anyway)

{what next} Mesa Chair (with natural pillow)/FrankLee Anatra

Arizona-Umbrella decor/Bazar/Ria Bazar

AF Potted Plant (Exotic)/Apple Fall/warehousefifteendesigns

Arizona-entrance rug/Bazar/Ria Bazar



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When Life Gives You Baggage…Put It In A Pretty Package (Coming Soon @ Glam Affair)

When Life Gives You Baggage...Put It In A Pretty Package

Hello there!

I felt a bit fancy today, mainly because Glam Affair has  a new skin coming soon! This beauty is called “Vera” it’s another full release! (raw photos below) As always I love this skin, if you loved “Candy” for the last round of Arcade you will surely love Vera. One thing about this skin is every single make up I’m in love with, usually there are one or two that I think “I probably wouldn’t wear that on the daily basis” but not Vera, some makeups are even in nice fall colors. I’ll be wearing this for a while that’s for sure. ♥

When Life Gives You Baggage...Put It In A Pretty Package


Skin: Vera/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (Coming Soon)

Hat: Yolanda/LaGyo/Gyorgyna Larnia

Hair: Coreen/ISON/Harry Hyx

Gown: Amelia Lace Gown/ISON/Harry Hyx (@Collabor88)

Necklace: Jade’s Shanghai Teardrop/MG/Maxi Gossamer (NEW@Limited Bazaar)

Fur Wrap: Mink Princess Stole/Ryvolter/Sanya Bilavio

Shoes: Charme/JD/davidefre

Luggage: Trunk [Vintage]/Color.Me.H.O.F/Fashionboi Landar

Location: Kennedy Interiors

Harper  ❤

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Dumb Luck (LaRoo @faMESHed)

Dumb Luck

I was sipping my float on my floatie yesterday and noticed a stranger approaching. I tried to act coy as if I didn’t see him standing there making sure he knew he noticed my new bikini, I skipped treats all winter to fit in. Sandra, my next door neighbor called me crazy for doing that, but look at me now lean and fabulous while she was green with envy eating her apple pie in her kitchen looking upon me and the stranger.Thank that Miss Blue Ribbon with her raunchy pies. ugh I can’t stand that woman. Now…I’m not one to gossip, but I heard she had a thing for some man who recently moved into the neighborhood, remember you didn’t hear it from me.

As I sipped my peach float I took a few glances over at him as cleared his throat to get my attention, he seemed to be walking closer and I flipped on the inside, then….well I just flipped. Right into the pool float and all, I was so embarrassed, and even more so ’cause I can’t swim a lick. Here I am screaming and flailing like a baby seal. I could hear that damn Sandra chuckling from her window, how dare she! I was still the finest thing on 4 inch heels on this block! Luckily this stranger was strong just how I like them, dark haired, light eyes and tan that’d put ‘Coppertone’ out of business. He picked me up out of the water and introduced himself, he just moved in a few houses down! We chatted a bit, he’s pretty nice fella, he told me he’d definitely be seeing me again with a wink! I tried to hide my smile… I’m going to give that man a welcome basket he’ll never forget.

Dumb Luck


Hair: Magdalen/Lelutka/Thora Charron

Skin: Cleo/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing

Glasses: Keyhole Sunglasses/Artilleri/Antonia Marat

Jacket: Breeze Kimono/Leverocci/Jin Elfan

Bikini: Ruffly Kini/Paper Doll/Zoey Gabardini (@Arcade)

Shoes: Ellie Sock Pumps/LaRoo/Cracked Mirror & CrashOV Uladstron (@faMESHed)

Cup: Soda Float/Love Soul/Bluestarrui Villota

Floatie: Floaty Raft/Wild Hound Designs/Canis Baxton

Pose: Balls #25/Everglow/Fanny Willis

Harper ❤

P.S. I’ll post Mister’s credits a bit later when I get them from him

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Limited Bazaar and FaMESHed

Hope your weekend is/was wonderful,

Limited Bazaar and faMESHed both have new rounds! If I love one thing in the sl fashion world, it’s events. Whether it’s discount, themed, or exclusive I love them all. So with that I’ll be showing some items I picked up yesterday!

Limited Bazaar & faMESHed

Hair: Ready To Go/Exile/Kavar Cleanslate (NEW@ faMESHed) btw there are 2 new color packs!

Earrings: 60’s Gogo Disks/MG/Maxi Gossamer  (NEW@Limited Bazaar)

Glasses: SunGlasses/MG/Maxi Gossamer  (NEW@Limited Bazaar)

Lashes: Eyelashes/MG/Maxi Gossamer (NEW@Limited Bazaar) I’ll be taking a closer shot of these soon

Dress: Zoe/Glam Affair/M4ri1yn Magic (NEW@faMESHed)

Pose: Runway Set 5/WetCat/Wetcat Flux (NEW@Limited Bazaar) adjusted with the Animare HUD

Tattoos: All from Audran by Zane Audran

Hands: Mesh Hands/Korundi/Shansa Resident

Texture: Paperwork Textures/William Weaver (Free on the mp!)

Go and get your shop on,

Harper ❤

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