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Choke Hold

Happy Pre-Friday ya’ll!

In my previous post I made a comment about going back to the MODE sim to get the Belgravia neck corset. Well…I couldn’t help myself so I went back last night and grabbed it. I’ve said a couple times now how much I love unique pieces that steal the focus and though I’d personally wear this all across the grid, not everyone dares to challenge the neck corset for everyday wear. SO I wanted to make this post a bit more daring by adding in this fab do from Vanity Hair.

Choke Hold

Haven’t been choked this beautifully in a long time… at least a week haha I kid I kid, sort of. Ok…I’m not going to say more this is a fashion blog not 50 shades of grey.


Hair: Cantaloupe Hair Piece/Vanity Hair/Tabata Jewell

Lashes: Vampire/Redgrave/Viola Leigh

Neck Corset: Maleficent Neck Corset/Belgravia/Jin Elfan

Thank you for reading,

Choke Deprived Harper ❤

P.S. Excuse my grammar


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Hitch Hike


I took a tiny break due to RL goings ons so now that all that is over back to blogging! \o/ This past week Maitreya released these adorable boots! and I have been  all whiney because I didn’t have the chance to pick them up until yesterday, LOVE these boots..seriously I love them so today’s look is built around my new fav boots.

Free Falling


Hair: Quiet Dream/Exile/Kavar Cleanslate

Glasses: Peace Shades/Willow/Weezy Warwillow *

Vest: Short Vest/Toki Doki/Maya Levane (Exclusive Group Gift)

Tank: Basic Tucked Tank/Teefy/Azure Electricteeth (FLF)

Skirt: Alluring Mini/Auxiliary/Tyr Rozenblum (@Collabor88)

Backpack: Boho Bag/Toki Doki/Maya Levane (@Attic)

Boots: Stagioni Boots/Maitreya/Onyx LeShelle

Pose: Honey Dork Pack/Adorkable/Adorkable Peapod (@Attic)

*Willow will be closing on the 31st until then there is a sale on all items 75L or less! excluding fatpacks, Sad to see this shop go but at least I took advantage of the sale so I can reminisce!

Also Attic has a new round going out so check it out!

Thank you for reading ❤

Harper ❤

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Step up to the podium pt. 2 (New Shop!)

Hi everyone this is a continuation of my previous post to show you the new items by Nelscat Kanya for her shop Podium!

This item is my favorite for sure, it’s called the Darla Mesh Dress it comes in 5 colors

(Navy Blue, Llilac, Driftwood, Dark Pink,and Cockatoo)


Visit here to get this dress and other items from the brand new shop Podium

Thank you for reading and a huge thank you to Nelscat Kanya ❤

Harper ❤

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Enter the Matrix (BENT for Fluid)

Enter the Matrix

Enter the Matrix


I wanted to share this look because yesterday Catherine Fairport who owns the pose store BENT sent me this Matrix themed pose prop it is her item for Fluid. It comes with 10 unique poses so you can kick, bend and basically just get your matrix on.

I was going to do the cliche black trench coat look but I figured I would rather be a criminal today…

Other Credits:

Hair: Swish/Lelutka/Thora Charron (NEW)

Top: Clara Corset/Celoe/JadenArt resident

Legging: Izzie’s (@Vintage Fair) (previously blogged)

Boots: Tall Leather Thigh Boots/Slink/Siddean Munro

Gas Mask: Survival Gas Mask/The Abyss/Khai Sinister

Duffle Bags: Suspicious Duffle Bag/Unsavory Dealings/Milez Ruby

Money: Make it Rain/LAP/Dove Swanson

Necklace and Earrings: Hebanon Vial (No longer available)

Thank you for reading my silly little blog,

Harper ❤

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Love Child (Vintage Fair Preview pt. 3)

Love Child

Hello World,

Yet another Vintage Fair Teaser! This time it comes with a bit of news, I applied to blog for a store named evolve owned by Bellastarr Fhang, I got the news yesterday I was accepted, so that was awesome! On that note! I based this look around this skirt which will be at Vintage Fair from evolve. I hope all these looks I have and will spam my blog with makes you get your butt down to Vintage Fair when it opens on the 4th.


Hair: Saturday from Fashionably Dead by Toast Bard

Headband: Daydream Flowers from Fashionably Dead by Toast Bard (previous c88)

Vest: Short Vest from Toki Doki by Maya Levane **

Skirt Olio Skirt from Evolve by Bellastarr Fhang (@Vintage Fair)

Pose and Prop: Travel Pose Set from Status by Gidge Uriza (@Vintage Fair)

Butterflies: Large Butterfly Swarm from Funky Junk by Ulaa Coronet (just wore them on my hand)

**This was an exclusive group gift for existing Toki Doki group members, it is no longer available as a gift (I checked the shop it’s not there but cross your fingers it’s a future release?)

Make love not war, Give a hoot don’t pollute, uh… reduce, reuse, recycle…hug a tree and all that jazz 😀

Hippie Harper ❤

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Party All the Time (Vintage Fair Preview pt. 2)


Met a friend at the Arcade…eyed him up and down because he wasn’t ready for these skills. About 30 years ago made him a pie… found out he doesn’t even like pie, so I was a little bitter yeah I’ll admit that!


We played…I got a little into it


He pushed me which is a disqualification everyone knows that…EVERYONE, I’m betting he was raised in a barn! No Class *flips her hair*


I styled and profiled as I refused to be humble .



Sunglasses, Bracelets, Nails and Leggings: Izzie’s by Izzie Button (@Vintage Fair)

Hair: Cachet from Lelutka by Thora Charron

Necklace: Beaded Boho Rigged Mesh Necklace from Aura by Tyr Rozenblum (Mesh Around Hunt)

Jacket: Valencia Jacket from Hucci by Eboni Khan

Undershirt: Call Me Tee from Emery by Sunami Beck

Shorts: Hanalei Shorts from Mon Tissu by Elie Spot & Anouk Spot

Sneakers: Avenir Kicks from Entente by Nazaire Resident

Gum: Yum Bubble Gum from Pink Fuel by Mochi Milena

Pose Prop: HopScotch by Chandni Khondji (@Vintage Fair)

Last Pose: Sleeping Koala by SleepingKoala Resident (@Vintage Fair)

*puts in her walkman headphones and boogies down the street*

I’m outta 5000

Harper the Puckman Champ ❤

P.S. The Step Stool is NOT part of the pose prop, that was a little joke lol If your a shortie like me who wants to rise to the occasion you can find this step stool here


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All American Homemaker (Vintage Fair Preview pt. 1)

Well Howdy there! *waves frantically and smiles*

I wanted to show you my favorite items thus far at Vintage Fair in the next few post I’ll be putting up, we still have a few days to go til the official opening date. So today I’m bringing the All American Harper the Homemaker yessir! Oh and I tortured a friend of mine into joining me. Because that’s what friends do right?




Hair-Aphrodite from Lelutka by Thora Charron

Necklace and Braclet: Pearls & Lace Set from League by Nena Janus

Dress: Greta from Ingenue by Betty Doyle (@Vintage Fair) LOVE THIS DRESS!

Shoes: 1950s Heels from ChaChaDee by Lissi Krell (@Vintage Fair) LOVE THESE TOO!

First Pose: Hot Apple Pie from Nani by Cherry Appletor (@Vintage Fair)

Second Pose and prop: Bad Habit from Flowey by Flutter Memel (FLF)

For Misters credits click here

A Thank you to Mister Mister ❤

And a Thank you to you for reading 😀 *waves frantically and skips off to the ironing board*

Harper the Homemaker ❤

P.S. gagging from how cheesey this got, but it’s fitting!

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