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Camo Crew (What Next for Arcade)


Howdy ya’ll,

Where do I start with this post lol.

Well simply…

I received the “What Next” item for arcade…

I saw it…

Screamed a little from excitement…

Opened it…

Drove it for hours

Talked to Mister who gave me an idea on how I should blog it (Thank you sir)

We ran with it

Grabbed SunAnn

Set up Scenery and poses

Took a photo

This is the product of that!

Now on a more serious note:

This golf cart is simply amazing, it’s a golf cart HUD rezzer!…so if you get multiple patterns all can rez from ONE HUD!!! keeping down that inventory ya’ll!!, so when you go to arcade this Sunday you’ll receive a HUD (DO NOT OPEN THE HUD) that will rez your cart! I know this may be confusing so I’m going to break this down as much as I can so that it may help some of you when you get to arcade or yardsales and youre unsure how it works.

OK so when you play the What Next machine you will get your hud and your pattern…. and like I stated above the HUD has the ability to rez your golf cart that’s the simple part. Now I know you are probably wondering HOW will you be able to sell your duplicates? or buy from a yard sale? When you are selling or purchasing from yard sales you should be given the hud NOT the cart itself, please please please make sure you are buying the HUD! If you see a stand alone cart for sale I’d let the seller know that in order for it to work properly the HUD needs to be traded. There’s no way purchasing the cart alone will help you. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Also sellers and traders, try to include the instructions so the next person is not confused, I hope this helps!

I really hope this helps someone this weekend because I know I’ll be yard sale surfing and also hosting a yard sale myself and when we see something we want or something for sale we usually do it quick fast and in a hurry because you want to make sure you get the exact one you want. Just be careful, no one likes wasted L! Now just on the carts but things in general, I’ve seen empty boxes for sale, one part of an item and not the other…. etc. Mistakes happen I just hope you keep every last L you can so none goes wasted during a time like Arcade we already spend quite enough!

You can view all the possible colors here on Winter’s flickr! I swear once I find my favorite “What Next” item they just make something even better and more amazing.



Hair: Hair 19/Eaters Coma/Kumii Yoshikawa

Top: Baggy Knit Sweater/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard

Pants: Pocket Pants/!gO!/Gocha Merlin

Ring: Shark Fin Ring/tea.s/Tea Soup (NEW)

Skin: Lulu/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (previous Arcade item)

Boots: My Combat Ankle Boots/monso/Morphine Janick

Dirt: Dirty Muddy/Pekka/Kathya Szczepanski

Pose: Melody Pack/oOo studio/Olaenka Chesnokov


Hair : Siobhan/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks
Shirt: Watch Over Shirt/Loki Mesh/Loki Eliot
Pants: Pocket Pants/!gO!/Gocha Merlin
Shoes: Varsity Kicks (Laced)/Miel/Miel Nirvana

Pose: Floored pack/Adorkable Poses/Adorkable Peapod (no longer available)


Hat: Bucket Hat/flow/Brady McKeenan

Top:Jacket Khaki/Blankline/Kureha

Pants: Pocket Pants/!gO!/Gocha Merlin

Harper  ❤



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FLF Haul with a dash of Toki

Happy Friday!

Lots of Goodies for Fifty Linden Fridays this week! and I mashed my last look up with today’s group gift from Toki D.


Hair: Wasabi Pills by MissAllSunday Lemon (Hair Fair)

Hair Bow: Toki Doki Ruffle Hair Piece in Beige by Maya Levane

Glasses: Mon Tissu by Elie Spot & Anouk Spot (Group Gift)

Jacket: Elate! by Kellie Iwish (FLF)

Undershirt: Toki Doki by Maya Levane (Free)

Clutch: Molichino by Aurelia Chauveau (FLF)

Skirt: ISON by Harry Hyx (Previous FLF)

Ring: ColorMe H.O.F. by Fashionboi Landar (Dress Room Blue)

Shoes: Mon Tissu by Elie Spot & Anouk Spot (Previous faMESHED)

Desk: Vespertine by Amelie Knelstrom (FLF)

Pose: Marukin by Valencia Southard (Previous C88)



Hair: Exile by Kavar Cleanslate (One Voice Event)

Bracelets: The Sea Hole by Drinkinstein Sorbet (current C88)

Dress: ISON by Harry Hyx (FLF)

Pose and Cigarette: Flowey by Flutter Memel (FLF)

Earrings: Lagyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (Previous FLF)

Necklace: Donna Flora BLUE Diamond Set by Squinternet Larnia


Hair: Exile Kiss Me by Kavar Cleanslate

Hair Pin: Lagyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (FLF)

Dress: tulip by Minami Susanowa

Shoes: Celoe Xylia pumps in chambray by JadenArt Resident

Pose: Marukin by Valencia Southard (Previous C88)


Hair: Clawtooth by Bubbles Clawtooth (Hair Fair)

Dress: tram by Moca Loup (FLF)

Feet: Slink Women’s Natural Barefeet (Rigged) by Siddean Munro

Tables: Elate! by Kellie Iwish (FLF)

Plant: Zigana by Nalena Fairey (FLF)

Pose: !bang by Trieste Minuet (c88)


Mailbox: LISP Bazaar by Pandora Popstar (FLF)

Hat: Mon Tissu by Elie Spot & Anouk Spot (Group Gift)

Hair: Eaters Coma Hair 04 Light Sandy Blonde by Kumii Yoshikawa

Dress: Toki Doki by Maya Levane (Birthday Group Gift)

Shoes and Bag: Toki Doki (Clearance Items)

Pose: Marukin by Valencia Southard (Previous C88)

Skybox (Used for all photos in this post): Zigana by Nalena Fairey (FLF)

Thank you for reading as always! Now for a weekend of sleep 😀

Harper ❤

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