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Eat Your Heart Out

What’s October without some creepy fun ūüėõ

Eat Your Heart Out


Hair: Ana/D!va/Marisa Kira (@Collabor88)

Tears: Black Tears/LaGyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (@Collabor88)

Mouth Blood: Lips-Dripping-Blood/Elymode/Elysium Eilde

Teeth: OpenMouth PRO/PXL/Hart Larsson (painted the fangs longer in photoshop)

Choker: Bloody Choker/tea.s/Tea Soup (Soon for Lazy Sunday)

Skin: Horror Edition Skin (Vera)/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (NEW)

Tattoo: Battlefield/h i a t u s/Silvia Antorian

Cape: Wishy Woman Cape/katat0nik/Katat0nik Pidgeon (@Collabor88)

Necklace: Angelica’s Ankh Of Power/MG/Maxi Gossamer¬†(@Collabor88)

Earrings & Bracelet: Loa Happy Magick Skulls/MG/Maxi Gossamer (@Collabor88)

Ring: Morgana’s Ring/LaGyo/Gyorgyna Larnia¬†(@Collabor88)

Dress: Jezibell Dress/The Secret Store/Maylee Oh (@Collabor88)

Heart: BLOOD BLASTER HEART/Folf Fairport (this is made to be more of a gag prop but I modded size and took out the scripts)

Pose: Sweet Blossom/Del May Poses/Del May



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Hope You Can Keep Up (Boats & Bikinis Expo, SL Fashion Week, Lazy Sunday preview)



I got some goodies to show youuu.

Firstly Hair Fair ends on the 28th! So If you have not had the chance to go make sure you get there asap! I know you may be thinking “the hair will be released in the main shop I’ll just go get it then” BUT not all the hairs will be in main shops after hair fair I can bet you that. So those hairs you have been debating on, buy them while you can! I choose another Hair Fair item from Fashionbly Dead because honestly I really loved her hairs for this event. Most have an add on or accessory (with hud for color changing) to them and it’s always nice to be able to make it your own.

Next SL Fashion Week opened today, a friend of mine Tea Soup made these ADORABLE floral headbands for it, they come in 2 versions and about 6 colors. I love all things floral…really I do. SL Fashion Week is a discount event so you can get these headbands for a steal. ūüėĬ†Lazy Sunday is slowly approaching in which Tea.S will also be a participate with her Geo Bracelets, they come in 4 shapes and 4 different colors. Really can’t go wrong with a bracelet we could all use more of those to add to our daily outfits, and these bracelets are perfect for that.

Last, but definitely not least. The Boats & Bikinis Expo began yesterday (I would have posted this yesterday, but I kept playing around with the photo editing and the fact that flickr was down completely slipped my mind!) All items are well… exactly what you think they are! There is also some outdoor furniture, beach themed home decor and tons of other goodies! I decided to go for this bikini top from tarnished for the expo, it’s fringe…. fringe win…. enough said!

Hope you have an awesome weekend shopping your behind off and don’t forget FLF today! I’ll be making my rounds here in a bit ūüėÄ ‚ô•


Hair: Jupiter/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard (@Hair Fair 2013)

Headband: Floral Headband/Tea.S/Tea Soup (@SL Fashion Week)

Skin: Margot/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing

Earrings: Axila/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (@Collabor88)

Necklace: Axila/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (@Collabor88)

Top: Melon Splash Bikini Top/Tarnished/December Larkham (@The Boats & Bikinis Expo)

Shorts: Give it to me/u.f.o./Charming Meiler (@Collabor88)

Bracelet (middle): Axila/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (@Collabor88)

Braclets (Top & Bottom): Geo Bracelets/Tea.S/Tea Soup (For Lazy Sunday)

Satchel: Tiny Satchel/The Secret Store/Maylee Oh

Pose: Marukin/Valenica Southard

Location: Rougham



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The Boulevard

Hello and Lazy Sunday to all,

Hope your weekend was full of joy, drinks, and good company!

I have a post today based around a hair that I got from Hair Fair from a shop I had never heard of until I tried it on from the demo group. The shop is called ARGRACE and it’s owned by Rika Oyen. Firstly this girl loves a good straw hat no matter the style so I attached my hair and got my sexy on…kidding… but really this hair is awesome. TO THE PICS!



Quick HUD talk as you can see. the bottom HUD has the normal colors you can get with this hair, however the top HUD has the color exclusive for hair fair!

Other Credits

Cardigan and Tube Top: Toki Doki/Maya Levane

Pants: Glam Affair/Aida Ewing

Shoes: Celoe/Jadenart Resident

Necklace: Glow Studio/Jocelyn Anatine

Bracelet: League/Nena Janus

Sim: Los Angeles – Walk Of Fame

As always thanks for reading!

Harper ‚̧

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Boho March

Hi there! I went to Collabor88 for March when it opened and 3 more times since then ūüėÄ

So I’m going to share the outfit I put together! The theme is Organica so hippie/boho-ish

I hope you enjoy!

Top(u.f.o)/Shorts(tres blah)/Guitar (u.f.o.)/Shoes (ingenue) and Poses (marukin & pda) all from Collabor88

Hair by Elikatira

Earrings by Turducken

The guitar plays music, so you can entertain (or annoy) your friends and family ūüėÄ

I made a new profile picture at first it was to show my earrings but I liked it…

also it has been photoshopped so items maybe appear different then inworld

Have a lazy sunday!



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