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Calm Seas (New Toki Doki & Acrostic Poem Meme)

Calm Seas

A few days ago I received this adorable dress from Maya Levane (Toki Doki) I’ve always love Toki Doki and even though the store grew quiet for a bit I knew I’d flock the second she was back making items! This is one of those dresses you can wear in so many ways it’s pretty much endless options, by it self, with a jacket, with leggings, flats, heels, or barefoot, it just works. A huge thanks to Maya ♥ If you would like to view all the texture options for this dress and her other new release with his a bralet (which I’ll be blogging later this week) you can take a look at Maya’s Flickr.

Next I want to talk about Glam Affair’s skin for ‘The Arcade’, her name is Lulu and she’s just as gorgeous at Cleo, 8 of the Lulu skins come in the America tone and the 4 rares come in different shades one seems to be India (#10) and the other 3 are special tones that don’t come round often so  shoot for the rares! You can view the Glam Affair Lulu Skin Legend here Arcade Shopping Guide.

Next wanted to put in a quick note about my boots (that I’m in love with) they are also available at ‘The Arcade’ from Fashionably Dead. I got a notice yesterday that the socks for these boots are now available in the Fashionably Dead mainshop on the Tableau sim. There was some sort of mix up but they are there now and they are free! SO if you scored these boots at arcade you can now have your socks and wear em too! If you have no idea what I’m talking about take a look over at the Fashionably Dead Blog.

Lastly I wanted to take a stab at Berry’s Meme she started yesterday you can view the meme here at StrawberrySingh.comMy boyfriend does this a lot with my name just to make me laugh… I’d post one of his, but that may be embarrassing haha. I started to do my own and it’s a bit hard to gloat about yourself unless you’re a lot more confident than I am so I went the way of the generator and came up with the following (I used my user name instead of my display name (Harper) since Shawneese is also my RL first name:

S is for Sincere, staying true
H is for Hip, cooler than everyone else
A is for Articulate, you have the gift of expression
W is for Warm, a loving heart
N is for Nurturing, you bring out the good in people
E is for Enriching, you make others’ lives more meaningful
E is for Ethical, guided by conscience
S is for Steady, a loyal pal
E is for Entertaining, a source of endless fun

I wanted to do another for Pantomime since for almost a year now this blog has been one of my biggest joys ♥

P is for Playful, so fun to be with
A is for Alluring, drawing people in
N is for Nice, a sweet soul
T is for Tactful, ever sensitive
O is for Oasis, exuding peace
M is for Meticulous, careful with details
I is for Industrious, conscientious in your tasks
M is for Maverick, a trail blazer
E is for Excellent, exceedingly good

I like the E….just….saying haha. Thank you for reading this long ass post if you did. I just want to give a thank you for everyone who reads my silly blog. It means a lot to me and I had no idea I’d carry on this far and now I can’t imagine stopping. Maybe once ‘Pixel Pantomime’ is officially a year old on July 20th, I’ll do something cool like make something *dun dun dunnn*…hmmmm I’ll marinate on that.


Hair: Charlize/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks (NEW)

Skin: Lulu/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (@Arcade)

Headphones: Radio Headphones/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard (@Arcade)

Bracelet: Claw Cuff Bracelet/tea.s/Tea Soup

Necklace: Marrakech Heart/MG/Maxi Gossamer

Cardigan: Shoulder Cardigan/COCO/Cocoro Lemon

Dress: Mira Dress/Toki Doki/Maya Levane (NEW)

Boots: Bossy Boots/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard (@Arcade)

Pose: Marukin/Valencia Southard

Harper ❤



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Ride (What Next for Pose Fair)




If you don’t already know Pose Fair 2013 is coming soon! March 29th Pose Fair will open and you can buy all the poses your heart desires, I’ve gotten a some review copies, but the one that I truly feel in love with comes from What Next (Winter Thorn and FrankLee Anatra), most of us who are familiar with this shop, know they love bicycles, well thanks to them now I do too! They will be releasing these ADORABLE mesh bicycle props (hopefully a rideable mesh bike will be soon too! *crosses her fingers*) Let me give you a little bit of a break down on these props. There is 3 different bicycle props, but two of them come in two versions.

The Bramley bicycle prop is for ladies, it comes in 2 versions, one has just single poses, and the other has single AND couples poses (so your sweetie can hop on too) comes with 4 texture change options.

The Kensington bicycle prop is for the Mensssss, and just like the Bramley it, it also comes in two versions, single poses and couples poses and also comes with texture change options.

Lastly is the “Love on Two Wheels” prop, it comes with two bicycles but only one pose, it is sold separately OR as a bonus if you buy the Kensington or Bramley bicycles in the COUPLES versions, it does not come with the single versions.


Hair: Eleanora V2/Catwa/Catwa Clip

Headband: Daydream Flowers/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard

Bag: Attic Boho Bag/Toki Doki/Maya Levane

Bikini: Frill Bikini/G Field/Cerberus Noel

Necklace/Sunglasses: Positano/MG/Maxi Gossamer

Ring: Isabella Ring/LaGyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (@Collabor88)

Earrings & Chokers: Venice White Diamond Set/MG/Maxi Gossamer (@ Zodiac)

Skirt: Mesh Pleated Skirt Charlotte/Emery/Sunami Beck (NEW)

Pose Props:

Photo 1: Bramley Bicycle Pose Prop (Ladies)

Photo 2: Kensington Bicycle Pose Prop (Mens)

Photo 3: Love On Two Wheels (comes with both bikes but one pose)

All by What Next/FrankLee Anatra (Coming soon to Pose Fair March 29th!)

Location: Baja Norte (beautiful sim, spent hours here after I took these, and it has rez!)

Harper ❤

P.S. I want to give a thank you to Mister for letting me feel him up once again, I think he’s starting to like it more than I do. 😉

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Peace and Love

When I saw this new hair “Canto” from Lelutka, I instantly thought hippie, as usual I’ll use any excuse to dress up. I know I did a joint post on my previous post, but Coral hated the photos she took, then this go around I hated the photos I took but she forced me to post it anyway! I didn’t force her to post hers! See how this friendship thing works? haha I kid, ILY CORAL! So anyway, here goes it!

Peace and Love


Hair: Canto/Lelutka/Thora Charron (NEW)

Shades: Positano Parasol/MG/Maxi Gossamer

Headband: Daydream Flowers/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard

Coin Necklace: Alchemy Charm Coin Necklace/MG/Maxi Gossamer

Peace Necklace: Peace Pendant/MG/Maxi Gossamer

Top: White Tummy Shirt (w/ Lola’s Applier)/Gawk!/Mell Mcmahon

Vest: Short Vest/Toki Doki/Maya Levane

Shorts: Jessy Studded Shorts/Erratic/Erratic Rain

Pose: Label Motion/Anne Dakun

Coral’s Credits

Harper ❤


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Splish Splash (@My Attic)

My Attic @ The Deck opened this past weekend, I created a look with the few of the items there. It’s a bit summery but hey…this IS SL after all, may be cold outside but there is always a beach waiting for you here!

Splish Splash


Hair: Katniss/CaTwA/Catwa Clip

Hair Pin: Ceramic Flower Headpiece/PIDIDDLE/Brutus Martinek (NEW @ My Attic)

Glasses: Keyhole Sunglasses/Artilleri/Antonia Marat

Jacket: Valencia Jacket/Hucci/Eboni Khan

T Shirt: Spring Shirt/Toki Doki/Maya Levane

Pants: Mesh Skinny Jeans/TuttiFrutti/Bela Tolsen (NEW @ My Attic)

Shoes: Oleander Pointed Flats/Teefy/Azure Electricteeth (NEW @ My Attic)

Pose: Falling Pack/Adorkable Poses/Adorkable Peapod (NEW @ My Attic)

Taxi: My Attic @ The Deck

Harper ❤

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Collabor88 Contest

Hey all,

I wanted to take a stab at the Collabor88 blogger contest, it is running until October 25th so if you are thinking about entering there is still time! you can view the specifics here. This is more of a flickr contest, but I wanted to share it here also. ❤

Collabor88 Blogger Contest - (YOUR SL FULL NAME)


Crown: LaViere/Fake Plastic Crown Pink/Azure Electricteeth (@ This month’s Collabor88)

Hair: Aphrodite/Lelutka/Thora Charron

Skin: Ginny/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (@ This month’s Collabor88)

Earrings,Necklace,Bracelets: Jennifer Pearls Set/Yummy/Polyester Partridge (Previous C88)

Left Ring: Bizarre flower ring/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (Previous C88)

Right Ring: Cherub ring/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (Previous C88)

Arm Cuff: Heart Armband/Noodles/Natalee Oodles (@ This month’s Collabor88)

Top: Davenport Blouse/The Sea Hole/Drinkinstein Sorbet  (@ This month’s Collabor88)

Undies: Waking up/Toki Doki/Maya Levane

Shoes: Cindy/Ingenue/Betty Doyle (@ This month’s Collabor88)

Pose: Blossom Pack/Marukin/Valencia Southard (Previous C88)

Draft Table,Books and Stool: Flamingo Set/Art Dummy/Gala Charron (@ This month’s Collabor88)

Wall Plates: Dummy Plate/LISP/Pandora Popstar (Previous FLF)

Rose Art: Millesime Baignoire Rose Art/Cheeky Pea/Isla Gealach (Previous C88)

Lamp: Dolly Chic Night table lamp/Abiss Interior/Frasha Boa (from Dolly Chic Bedroom Set)

Room Divider: Idle/Art Dummy/Gala Charron (Previous FLF)

Your Collabor88 Taxi! Collabor88

Wish me luck!

Harper ❤

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I’m New Here (Arcade LOTD)

Hi There!

Wanted to show an arcade look I put together, I’ve been meaning to blog this for about 2 days now. I’ve been busy putting something together 😀 you’ll see soon! I finally got the chance to take these photos. About a month ago my cousin showed me a sim called Soap/Missing Mile (Home of the Soap Co. Main Shop) I’m sure I’d been to the shop before, but I’ve never took time to look around the sim. So! I took my handy dandy camera and went on a bit of a walk through.

I'm New Here

I'm New Here


Hair: Winona/Truth/Truth Hawks

Eyeshadow: Glitter Eyeshadows/Belleza/Shyla Diggs (Previous FLF)

Scarf: Wrapped Scarf/Tres Blah/Julliette Westerburg (@Arcade)

Ring: YOLO Ring/Yummy/Polyester Partridge (@Arcade)

Top: Sheer Baby Blouse/ISON/Harry Hyx (@Arcade)

Camera and Pose: Vintage Brownie Camera (RARE)/Teefy/Azure Electricteeth (@Arcade)

Shorts: Cocoro Shorts/Toki Doki/Maya Levane

Feet & Sandals: Slink/Siddean Munro

Location: Missing Mile

See ya round,

Harper ❤

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This post is a bit of random and a bit of cheap mixed together with a trailer park so I must be winning. The reason behind this one is that for the past for days I could not upload L for the life of me I freaking tried everything (deleting payment info and putting it back, checking cards numbers and addresses, calling my bank) and I was going crazy because a girl has gotta shop! I took a second to think wow is this what my life has become? freaking out I can’t shop in SL…well….yeah….yeah it has. THOUGH thankfully I wouldn’t spend my last 5 bucks in SL, but I’m sure there are some people who would. It reminded me of driving through a “poor” neighborhood and everyone is driving BMW’s, and you shake your head and say these are folks who don’t know their priorities. Well anyway I’m happy to announce I fixed the L issue, apparently paypal has a limit for LL so I fixed that and now I’m back in the game baby!




Hair: Fade Into You/Exile/Kavar Cleanslate

Hairband: Ruf Ribon/Toki Doki/Maya Levane

Necklace: Wooden Bow Necklace/Teefy/Azure Electricteeth

Bracelets: (from korundi’s mesh hands pack) Shansa Resident

Coat: Mesh TDR Coat/Ricielli/Fhara Acacia (@TDR)

Stockings:Fashion 2012 Tights/A&A/AGNIESZKA Allstar (@TDR)

Boots: Alexa Wedges/Maitreya/Onyx Leshelle

Bag: Leather Satchel/Maitreya/Onyx Leshelle

Pose: both are from the Honey Dork pack/Adorkable/Adorkable Peapod (@Zodiac)

Puppy: Zooby

Car: Harumotors

Location: Missing Mile


Thank you,

Harper ❤

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