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Carnation (NEW @ The Secret Store & Cosmetic Fair)


Got a bit of info to share today!

Firstly, Maylee Oh (The Secret Store) has hit us with yet another adorable creation of hers. ♥ Today she released this “Peplum Shirt’ it’s elegant, it’s adorable, it’s stylish. Everything a girl could want in a top. I fell in love with the floral texture, but there are more textures of course! There are patterns and solids and the solids come with 2 more collar color options, also on ALL of the tops the belt is texture change! I grabilla’d and link the top color options and the belt color options Peplum Shirt Contact Sheet & Belt Colors Contact Sheet (LM for mainshop below)

Next I want to inform that Cosmetic Fair ‘Summer Edition’ opened yesterday and Glam Affair is participating, and made a HUGE variety of lip colors for Cleo and also mesh eyeliners! You can view them and all their color options here on Aida’s Flickr (I put the cosmetic fair LM below)

Last, but definitely not least If you are familiar with Hair Fair you know about Bandana Day…well the kits are out! and this is the first year with MESH bandana’s! If you are not familiar with Bandana Day you can read about Bandana Day and also learn how to obtain your kits and how to get your bandanas at Hair Fair 2013 if you would like to participate on the Hair Fair Blog! Please remember these bandana’s are being sold to add in with the charity donation for ‘Wigs For Kids’ so it helps a good cause! ALSO if you have not heard about the Hair Fair Photo Contest you still have until June 28th to submit your photo. You can read about the contest, it’s rules, it’s theme and submit your photos here in the Hair Fair Contest Flickr Pool.

I think that’s all the info I have for today!

Happy Shopping & Bandana Making!


Hair: Flora/D!va Hair/Marisa Kira

Skin: Cleo/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing

Make up: Cleo Lipstick/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (@Cosmetic Fair ‘Summer Edition’)

Earrings: Titania’s Filigree Heart Earrings/MG/Maxi Gossamer

Scarf: Izel Scarf/Decoy/Annette Voight

Top: Peplum Shirt/The Secret Store/Maylee Oh (NEW)

Tote Bag: Straw Tote Bag/Mon Tissu/Anouk Spot (Group Gift)

Right Bracelet: Didri Bangles/Celoe/ShaySibrian

Left Bracelet: Everyday Bracelet/p e a c h i/Peachdrip (NEW)

Pants: Lolong Trousers/Celoe/ShaySibrian

Location of photo and The Secret Store Mainshop: Inspiration Point

Harper ❤


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Kodak Moment (what next @ Pose Fair 2013)

I fell in love with pretty much all of the what next poses for pose fair this year. So I HAD ro blog just oneee more. This is one of the three poses they made for a series called “Picture This” this pose is #2 from the series. I would get into clothing credits, but I pretty much wore this exact outfit in yesterday’s post Beach Combers lol I just have on a different top. The top as are the shorts are from Mon Tissu’s latest release!

Kodak Moment

Pose: Picture This #2/what next/Winter Thorn ( @ Pose Fair)

Harper ❤

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Beach Combers (My SL Pet Peeves Meme)

Beach Combers

Wanted to have a go at Berry’s My SL Pet Peeves Meme, if you aren’t familiar with this meme yet, you basically name your top five things in SL that just drive you nuts. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this at first in fear I’d come off like a biotch but mehhhh always nice to rant from time to time.

  1. I’ll have to concur with Berry on this one. Random TPs, I hate them, one way to get deleted from my friend list…random tp me. 
  2. Profiles…. now for Berry’s she put people who don’t read them, I agree with that also however I want to add in….false advertising. People who try to come off like badasses, oddly most these people who have IMed me with profiles like this are actually nice. It’s just sad they feel they have to try to intimidate others via profile, same goes for people who seem full of themselves, as if they are beyond SL, they say things like “I have a RL do you?” in their RL tab. Well yes obviously I do have a RL, if I choose to spend my free time on my damn laptop whats it to you?? doesn’t make you better than me when you log in just as much as I do.
  3. Copybotters….I’m not a creator, but I HATE botters. I think it’s one of the most disrespectful thing you can do in SL tbh…. copying and selling something for cheap that doesn’t belong to you to begin with.
  4. Stone me if you want for this next one but…. Status Climbers. OH BOY where do I start…. the people who think “if I’m friends with so and so people will respect and adore me as they do them” NO. You have to work just as hard as that person if you want true respect for what you do in SL. There are tonsssss of talented people in SL. Designers, Bloggers, Photographers. Just because you are buddy buddy with these people doesn’t make you them. I think the worst thing about status chasers is that they don’t realize everyone else has already labeled them as such.
  5. Hmmm this was a toughie but people who lie about their RL. In anyway really, whether it’s a photo, lying about gender, or their occupation. I feel SL is the one place you can be who you want and look like what you want. Majority of folks here will not judge you if you are honest from the beginning. If you are a man who plays a female or a female who plays a male. WHO CARES! It’s YOU that matters people will love you regardless of what your avatar looks like.


Hair: Rewind/Magika/Sabina Gully (NEW)

Necklace: Sybil’s LadyBug Amulet/MG/Maxi Gossamer (NEW @ faMESHed)

Top: Bandeau/Drift/Kallisto Destiny (NEW)

Bracelets: Seluku Bracelets/MG/Maxi Gossamer

Shorts: Tulip Shorts/Mon Tissu/Anouk Spot (NEW)

Shoes: Lolita Espadrilles/Gos Boutique/Gospel Voom

Pose: Girls Poses #63/Everglow/Fanny Willis ( @ Pose Fair)

Harper ❤


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Bow Tie Affair

Hey there!

I’ve been a busy chick this week in world, but I wanted to share a look I put together with the latest releases from Truth and Mon Tissu hope you like it!

I have to say I love and hate the end of the month in fashion world in a little over a week we get to look forward to Collabor88 and FaMESHed! *le sigh* But also the events slow down as do the releases (minus hair normally) and I stress over what to blog. I have to say the excitement as triumphed for this month thanks to this LOTD. Hallelujah!

Bow Tie Affair


Hair: Josie/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks (NEW)

Bow: A Girl’s Bow/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia

Top: Bow Neck Top/G Field/Cerberus Noel (50% off sale ends today!)

Coat: Bristol Trench/Mon Tissu/Elie Spot (NEW)

Pants: Dade slacks/celoe/jadenart

Shoes: Celina/Redgrave/TeamRedgrave

Handbag: Amanda Handbag/Leverocci/Jin Elfan

Pose: 25 Days of Poses/Adorkable Poses/Adorkable Peapod

Harper ❤

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Leaves Will Fall

Hi there,

If you haven’t stopped by this month’s cycle of faMESHed then you haven’t seen this beautiful coat by NYU, I love Autumn for the fashions…the jackets, sweaters, boots, and hats. So I put together this simple look built around this jacket and took a walk around my house…the extent of my travel these days.

Leaves Will Fall


Hair: Going Steady/Clawtooth/Bubbles Clawtooth

Hat: Cat Beret/Tram/Moca Loup (previous FLF)

Jacket: Trench Coat/NYU/NyuNyu Kimono (NEW @ faMESHed)

Tights: Favorite Wool Tights/Mon Tissu/Elie Spot

Boots: Cairo Boots/Celoe/Jadenart

Background Prop: Old Wagon (with pumpkins)/Artilleri/Antonia Marat (previous FLF)

Pose: Simply Pack/BENT/Catherine Fairport

Harper ❤

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Squeaky Clean

Well Ladies and Gents. I…I…I don’t even know how this look came to be…all I know is, Zodiac is open and I got something I wanted show off! Oh…and I was in a nakey mood… it happens. *shrugs* ❤

Squeaky Clean

Squeaky Clean


Hair: Jolie RMX/Lelutka/Thora Charron

Hands and Bangles: Mesh Hands/Korundi/Shansa Resident (Bangles come with)

Apron: Zodiac/Apponos Aprons/Joan Faromet (@Zodiac)

Undies: Lady Lace Panties/Mon Tissu/Elie Spot (Group Gift)

Shoes: Cathy Shoes/Redgrave/TeamRedgrave

Top Tattoo: Heart Reaper/Chapel Hill /CryptinJection

Elbow Tattoo: Custom Tattoo (Cause I really wanted an owl tattoo that wasn’t a cartoon, Thank you❤)/Chapel Hill /CryptinJection

Leg Tattoo: Leg Bows/Audran/Zane Audran

Piercings: The Minimalist/Hebenon Vial/Trisha Zweig and Modded verisons of Solidue and Splint/Pekka/Kathya Szczepanski

Kitchen: Timeless Kitchen/Trompe Loeil/Cory Edo (@C88)

Counter Prop Decor and Sponge: From the Laural Kitchen full set/What Next/Winter Thorn

Poses: Pinup/Glitterati/Katey Coppola


Squeaky Clean Harper ❤

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Hi all,

Happy Friday! In SL for me Friday means FIfty Linden Fridays! (FLF) As usual I made my way through the list and though there were a few items I liked, I feel in love with this blazer from fri.day. Firstly I love jackets they always add a bit of “flair” to whatever you are wearing unless its a big ugly comfy hoodie, though I love those too. You can dress them up down and around, so for todays LOTD I focused it around the jacket. I hope you like it!



Hair: Veronica/Wasabi Pills/MissAllSunday Lemon

Earrings: Ludovica Earrings/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia

Hands: Mesh Hands/Korundi/Shansa Resident

Neck Tattoo: Saggitarius Zodiac Tattoo/Belleza/Shyla Diggs

Glasses: Harlow Sunglasses/Mon Tissu/Anouk Spot

Short Necklace: 2 Heavy Spikes Necklace/Glow Studio/Jocelyn Anatine (FLF)

Long Necklaces: Mix’n’Match Necklaces/Glow Studio/Jocelyn Anatine

Blazer: Kristen Jacket/fri.day/Darling Monday (FLF)

Top: Patterns of Spring Top/Mon Tissu/Elie Spot

Pants: Mesh Zipper Skinny Jeans/Maitreya/Onyx LeShelle

Shoes: Morgana Pumps/Kunglers/Avagardner Kungler

Handbag: Sophmore Satchel/Mon Tissu/Anouk Spot

Pose: Simply Pose Pack/BENT/Catherine Fairport (@ The Retreat )

Have a good weekend, and remember to…keep it pimpin

Harper ❤

P.S. I got third place in the Chic Management Vintage Fair Photo Contest! Super excited, seriously I never win shit lol I’m pretty shocked…there were some really good photos in the contest you can view the results here

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