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No Turning Back

Mo’ C88 goodness!

No Turning Back


Hair: Je t’aime/Clawtooth/Bubbles Clawtooth

Top: Scallop Sweater/The Secret Store/Maylee Oh

Backpack: Ursula/DECO/GutterBlood Spoonhammer

Pants: Fanceh Pants/Schadenfreude/Allegory Malaprop

Ring: Valma Ring/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia

Harper  ❤


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My Way Or….My Way

My Way Or....My Way


SL Fashion Week only has a few days left which means you only have a few days left to grab the Star Key Necklace from tea.s, it comes in 4 different metals and you can get it at at a steal at SL Fashion Week, which has a new round coming up on Friday.

I want to talk about this tattoo for a second and how much I love it, LOVE neck tats first of all and I have to admit this tattoo from Hiatus is really well done. It’s hard to find GOOD tattoos honestly, but next time I’m looking for a tat I’ll surely be visiting Hiatus.

Now this isn’t new but I’ve been wearing it a lot lately, this hair from liquence is about a week old, though I got it on day one. <.< I don’t know what it is about a bun that never gets old…I guess because they go with just about anything and everything, can be dressed up or down, and you can easily add accessories. Versatility…is the word of the day.


Hair: F5/Liquence/Riku Reikaz

Top: Denim Vest/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard

Necklace: Star Key Necklace/tea.s/Tea Soup (SL Fashion Week)

Wings: Mannequiel Wings/Schadenfreude/Allegory Malaprop

Tattoo: Impossible/hiatus/Silvia Antorian

Harper  ❤

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If I Had A Voice I Would Sing

If I Had A Voice I Would Sing

Getting to more goodies from Collabor88 & Hair Fair…. these two events are going to flood my blog, I’m just loving them a lot right now.

From Collabor88 I all about this House of Fox top, I love the puffy sleeves, really can be dressed any way but I didn’t want to pair it with the skirt it’s part of the set with cause I just wanted to switch it up and try to wear it different ways SO I paired it with these trousers from Milk Motion that are lace….I love me some lace! They are high waisted and simply adorable. The Antlers come from Schadenfreude they come with a HUD with so many options I didn’t even know where to begin, so you can customize then however you like. The necklace from DECO I knew I had to blog, I love  items with a bit of a twist to it, this isn’t your everyday floral necklace…it’s a flower with a necklace instead of the other way around, probably one of my favorite DECO  items. Onto Hair Fair, I really fell in love with the Fashionably Dead items. Most have a few different versions and adds on with accessories, more ways to wear your hair, always a bonus.


Antlers: Midsummer Antlers/Schadenfreude/Allegory Malaprop (@Collabor88)

Hair: Mercury/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard (@Hair Fair 2013)

Necklace: Woodland Necklace/DECO/Barf Delicioso (@Collabor88)

Top: Puff Sleeve Blouse/Color.Me.H.O.F/Fashionboi Landar (@Collabor88)

Pants: Peg Lace Trousers/Milk Motion/Marie Lauridsen (@Collabor88)

Ring: Disco Lover/MG/Maxi Gossamer (@Collabor88)


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Sunshine (NEW @ Collabor88)


Collabor88 MAYYYY woooo!!!! alright so the theme is all about rain or shine. Which made for so many adorable items and there seems to be quite a guest bloggers which is always exciting!

The first item I fell in love with is from Schadenfreude, this dress and parasol combo…. *le sigh* I love it so much, it’s so dreamy and vintage. The dress and parasol come in 5 colors and then there are cloud leggings and sun leggings that are also out for c88 by Schadenfreude.

I always love diva hair for that wispy messy hair sort of feel and once again it’s been delivered! Honestly Diva is the only non mesh hairs I love. I know she’s done a couple rigged things but her non mesh updos…. can’t be beat for me personally. As always this hair comes in 2 versions A & B (bang variation)

Glam Affair released these awesome earrings, huge, bold, vintage feel, what more can we really ask for! The Victoria earrings come in 8 different colors, so feel free to buy all the colors for every outfit.


Hair: Sayaka3/Diva Hair/Marisa Kira (NEW @ Collabor88)

Earrings: Victoria Earrings/Glam Affair/Amberly Boccaccio (NEW @ Collabor88)

Necklace: Rainy Day Necklace/Intrigue Co./Katharine McGinnis (NEW @ Collabor88)

Dress and Parasol: Into the Woods Dress & Parasol/Schadenfreude/Allegory Malaprop (NEW @ Collabor88)

Happy Shopping!

Harper ❤

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Languid (New @ Collabor88)

More Collabor88 goodies! November’s Collabor88 is now open! Taxi Below



Hair: Taylor/LaViere/Azure Electricteeth (NEW @ Collabor88)

Skin: Ginny/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (Past Collabor88 Exclusive)

Dress: Soure Dress/Hucci/Eboni Khan (NEW @ Collabor88)

Boots: Painted Desert Amargosa/Schadenfreude/Allegory Malaprop (NEW @ Collabor88)

Bench and Home: Sweetwater Room/Cheeky Pea/Isla Gealach (NEW @ Collabor88)

Earrings,Necklace, and Bracelets: Tarifa Set/MG/Maxi Gossamer (NEW @ Collabor88)

Taxi: Collabor88

Harper ❤

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Stranger in a Strange Land


For this post I truly have a good story about exploring SL.

I got dressed before I found a sim I wanted to take my photos on so I looked for a few lists of good photography spots but I didn’t see anything that fit exact what I was looking for. So I opened search and simply put in “forest” and scrolled until something sounded good via the land description. I narrowed it down and teleported to a few that weren’t exactly looking for then I got kind of tired and just kept scrolling and hitting the teleport button down the list. Finally I found a sim that was perfect, it was dark and sort of creepy with old buildings PERFECT I tell you! So I flew around it a bit and found THE spot I wanted. I’m a chronic mini map checker so I looked to see who was in the spot, figured I’d give a wave when I was done with my photo. Well there was an abundance of people which I thought was odd for some creepy forest but I paid it no mind.

So I rezzed out the items I wanted to use set my windlight and graphics, and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone flying toward me but they stopped a roof top away, but they were close enough I could see most of their avatar and he/she was moving like dancing almost but no one else was there they were just dancing alone, so I thought “how cute, let me cam over to be nosey” well……….he/she was NOT dancing but screwing a statue and he/she was a horse avatar complete with genitials and I just did one of those “oooookay” moments and decided to take my photo and leave asap. WELL not even a minute after seeing a horse get it on with a gargoyle I get an IM asking if I want to RP, firstly as you can tell by the photo I was “in costume” so I could easily get how someone thought I was hanging around to RP so I finally I looked the land description and it said:

“Live your beastly fantasies here in the deep forest!”

Now… this is the point where I thought wow I’m an idiot right now, but then once I looked at my outfit I could NOT stop laughing at what kind of coincidence it was and it was too fab of a story not to share so so one else could laugh at this red riding hood flying around a beast rp adult sim…. so before I show the photo I have three letters F.M.L. that is all.



Hair: Exile by Kavar Cleanslate (Fairy Tales Event)

I have been waiting ages for the right photo to wear this hair in! It’s amazing

Dress: Schadenfreude by Allegory Malaprop (collabor88)

Basket: Cheeky Pea by Isla Gealach (taken from Nira Picnic set)

Sim that isn’t full of beast sex: Evie’s Closet Sim

Til my next beast filled adventure,

Little Red Riding Harper ❤

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