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Spread Your Wings (Hair Fair 2013 & Collabor88)

Spread Your Wings

HIII! I’m so excited to get back to blogging!

Unless you are on my plurk timeline you probably don’t know that I was a counselor for Camp Hardknock Summer 2013 all this past week, if you don’t know anything about the camp it is a bi annual event amongst the family community of actual overnight camp! This was my first time being a counselor it was tons of fun, I got to meet a lot of cool people that I wouldn’t have gotten to meet any other way. ♄

As much fun as Camp Hardknock was I was dying to blog, it’s my niche in SL I’ve learned. Without it, I feel so out of my element, I was browsing flickr this past week just sighing thinking of ideas for photos and such. BUT the time has come to return to my regularly scheduled blogging 😀

SO onto the goodies, Collabor88 happened! I know you know about it and I must say the items are really really good this round, I couldn’t pick what I wanted to wear cause there was so many items I liked. I foresee multiple posts this month with Collabor88 items.

ALSO Hair Fair 2013 kicked off on the 13th! There is a shocking amount of stores I got hair from that I’ve never heard of! EVEN some “retired” designers returning, plus specialty hairs from designers who usually don’t make hair. It was a hell of a shopping spree lemme tell you.



Hair: Venus/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard (@Hair Fair 2013)

Eyelids: Mesh Lids and Lashes/Slink/Siddean Munro

Vest: Denim Vest/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard (@Collabor88)

Dress: Lace Dress/Milk Motion/Marie Lauridsen (@Collabor88)

Prop: Bicycle Decor (from boardwalk bicycle rezzer)/What Next/FrankLee Anatra

Pose: Falling Pack/Adorkable Poses/Adorkable Peapod (no longer available)

Harper  ❀


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Snappy Dresser (What’s Your Digits Challenge)

Snappy Dresser (What's Your Digit's Challenge)


Pretty obvious I wanted to join in on the “What’s your digits” challenge, I’ve never done it before, but I’m glad this is the time that I am….I’ve been wondering about my body proportions myself, mainly arms and torso. Sometimes I feel my arms may be a bit short, other times I think no it’s just because my torso is too long…I debate on it then give up cause I think MEH what’s it matter if it’s a bit off, but now is the chance to see, I’ll surely be going through the flickr group and comparing my numbers with other shorties, I guess that’s another thing….my avie’s height is well short, which is fine by me… I enjoy it, but since I am smaller my body proportions will differ from someone with a taller avatars. I based my arm length on where my arms hit reach in real life, which if I was wearing shorts or a short skirt my fingertips would reach to the bottom hem, hence where I got my arm length, I based a lot of my avatar’s shape off of real life, I don’t want her to be spot on proportionate cause even in second life no one is perfect 😛 BUT I don’t want to be all jacked up either. thin line between the two….thin line.

Here’s my avatar’s digits:

Height: 15 (5’9 using avatar ruler)

Body Fat: 5

Headsize: 44

Torso Muscles: 31

Breast Size: 23

Arm Length: 75

Hand Size: 10

Torso Length: 65

Love Handles: 31

Belly Size: 3

Leg Muscles: 55

Leg Length: 65

Hip Width: 65

Butt Size: 47

Saddle Bags: 36

Also Berry added in a side by side comparison of her shapes over the years… I started to do the same but it was far far farrrr too gruesome to share haha but I will say one thing, wearing those shapes, I really saw how much I’ve changed over the years then I looked at my current shape AGAIN debating and wondering and that turned into one of those crisis when you aren’t sure what to wear? so you keep changing and changing and changing *sigh* I did make my lips wider….that’s all I could be bothered to do for one night, I’m writing this at 3am because I can’t sleep, probably have to erase half of this when I post it tomorrow. I think I’ve rambled enough, to see more about this challenge visit What’s your Digits? – Take 3: Proportions Challenge nighty night, or good morning or whatever it will be once I post this.

Hopefully I’ll pass out to sleep now. ♄♄♄

A thank you to crabby for covering up my lady lumps


Hair: Chamu/Taketomi/Bella Earst

Skin: Lulu/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing

Crab: Cancer Crabbies(RARE) /Adore & Abhor/Airedine Poe (@Zodiac)

Undies: Basic Bikini/Underclothes/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard

Hands and Feet: Slink/Siddean Munro

Harper ❀


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Lemonade In The Shade

Lemonade In The Shade

I’m not sure whee you live but it is getting hot round these parts. Honestly I’d rather be cold than hot something about snuggling in a warm blanket next to the fire place is much more inviting than sweating your ass off at the family BBQ, while grandma’s taken that’s 50th swing at the pinata BUT whatever your preference, I hope you’re enjoying you’re week so far. Since it’s been pretty warm here I wanted to do a bit of a seasonal post.

This hair I’m wearing is called Sadie from Truth Hair I’m sure most of you have seen it but it’s by far my favorite truth hair…ever! I love the retro vibe from this hair, I feel like “Rosie The Riveter” with less muscle and less work ethic.

Next is this AUX top which is currently at Collabor88, frills to me equal retro it worked perfectly what can I say? This top also comes in a cropped version, but I wanted to cover up my gut, probably why I’m sweating eh?

Next the shorts, I love love love the bottoms from Teefy and The Secret Store and here is why… usually they are high waists… I love high waists and most of their tops fit perfectly with high waist pants even when interchanged! Don’t believe me? Go buy a Secret Store top and Teefy pants or vice versa (don’t worry I’ll wait) I can bet you, they look great together. Matter of fact if anyone reads this and actually does it I wanna see! Anyway, Teefy is always giving us that vintage/retro dainty feel and I love it every time, she could create nothing but make ruffle skirts the rest of the year and I’m still routing for her and buying every single one.


Hair: Sadie/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks (NEW)

Glasses: Meredith Glasses/Artilleri/Antonia Marat

Top: Just The Frills/Aux/Tyr Rozenblum (@Collabor88)

Shorts: Aimee Tailored Ribbon Shorts/Teefy/Azure Electricteeth (@Collabor88)

Hands and Feet: Slink/Siddean Munro


Lounger: Bette Sunlounger/Artilleri/Antonia Marat

Cup: Lemonade (From the Garden Caravan Set) What Next/Winter Thorn

Fans: Breeze/Ary Dummy/Gala Charron (NEW)

Fence: Picket Fence/LAQ Decor/Winter DiPrima

Harper ❀

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Ballon Sailor (Collabor88)

I love this ballon scene so much I had to use it twice! This month’s c88 has been amazing and hopefully you have either went there or made plans to!

Ballon Sailor


Hair: Jump Magic/Clawtooth/Bubbles Clawtooth (NEW @ Collabor88) (LOVE!!! it’s got glitter on the tips!!)

Hat,Necklace, and Ring: Starla Set/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW @ Collabor88)

Belt: Hurley High Waist Belt/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW @ Collabor88)

Dress: Tulip Dress/E! Eclectic Apparel/Eclectic Wingtips (NEW @ Collabor88)

Pants: Dip Dye Denim/ISON/Harry Hyx

Feet and Hands: Slink/Siddean Munro

Pose and Scene: Room of Ballons/Exposeur & The Loft/RubyStarlight Writer & Colleen Desmoulins (NEW @ Collabor88)

Harper ❀

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Sorrowful Nightingale (100th Post)

Yayyy my 100th post! I have to say I’ve been a Second Life resident for 5 years now and all the things I’ve done and tried to do here (making clothes,poses,buidling) none of them have fit me as well as blogging. It’s honestly the best thing I’ve done in these 5 years, plus it makes me feel as if I have a purpose for shopping my ass off. Now I know this isn’t the milestone of the century, but I’m proud of myself for finding something I enjoy so much!

If you follow this silly blog the one thing you know about me is I like to dress up in odd ways, I have no idea why. It’s just fun and out of the ordinary I guess, everyday is halloween here at pixel pantomime haha. SO in celebration of my 100th post I did just that. Excuse the title of this post I’m not sorrowful at all but it set the mood with the photo. 😛

Sorrowful Nightingale

Sorrowful Nightingale


Hair: Ella/Lelutka/Thora Charron

Headpiece: Creatura Headpiece-Halloween Special/Purple Moon/Poulet Koenkamp

Ensemble (modded): Hel/Polarity/Vodka Clarity (took off skulls and bones that come attached)

Skin: Halloween Gift/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing

Tattoo: Darkest Soul/Chapel Hill/Crytinjection

Eyes: Maamah Eyes-Cinema Exclusive gift/MONS/Ekilem Melodie

Eyelashes: Couture Lashes/Glam Affair/Amberly Boccaccio (last month’s faMESHed)

Hands and Feet: Mesh Feet & Mesh Hands/Slink/Siddean Munro

Pose Prop: Nightingale’s Sorrow/Diesel Works/Rogan Diesel (NEW)

Harper ❀


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Me and my fav brobro were having a convo about this weeks FLF items and he mentioned the DECO jacket which I hadn’t seen yet at the time, because the sim was down so I was twiddling thumbs and staring at my teleport screen. He sent me the seraphim link (cause I have no patience) to which I replied “hellllll yes, I’m getting that” which he responded “LET’S DO A PHOTO!” and BAM here it is! 😀


Harper’s Credits:

Hair: Joy2/Wasabi Pills/MissAllSunday Lemon

Hat, Pants, Boots, Cigar,and Bracelet: From the Jill Ensemble/Severed Garden/Berta Avro

Coat: Peacemaker Duster/DECO/Orchid Zenovka (FLF)

Necklace: Shells of War Necklace/DECO/GutterBlood Spoonhammer

Eyepatch: Chika’s Eye Patch/Cobrahive/Chikane Kaligawa

Skin: Amberly/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (NEW) I love this skin, it’s definitely replacing my everyday skin, sad to see it go but I’m in love with this skin.

Hands: Mesh Hands/Slink/Siddean Munro

Gun: Showstopper/Srs Corp./Kelkith Kiezelstein

Pose: Badass Pack/oOo Studio/Olaenka Chesnokov

Shayne’s Credits:

Hair: Dura-Boy 31/Dura/Chiaki Xue

Goggles: Snow Goggles/Tonktastic/Tonk Tomcat

Coat: Peacemaker Duster/DECO/GutterBlood Spoonhammer

Gloves: Dexter/FATEwear/Damien Fate

Jeans: Straight jeans black2/RONSEM/Eow Reverie

Shoes: Harrison Boots/FIR&MNA/Rob1977 Moonites

Pose: Pistol pose 1/Frozen/Weronika Pobieski

Location: The Junkyard

Harper ❀

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Party of One (Preview of The Secret Store for faMESHed)

Wanted to share with you this brand new top from The Secret Store that will be released at faMESHed tomorrow! This top comes in 8 colors, and has the most adorable collar and bow accents. I hope you’re as excited as I am about faMESHed, I love my events!

Party of One


Hair: Interrupt/Elikatira/Elikapika Tiramisu (NEW & 70% off until Monday, November 5th!)

Top: Sweet Sheer/The Secret Store/Maylee Oh (NEW @ faMESHed)

Jeans: Rise Skinny Jeans/The Secret Store/Maylee Oh

Shoes: Cathy/Redgrave/TeamRedgrave (Currently only 289L on the marketplace! you get all 12 colors and combos)

Balloon Pose Prop: Ballon Love/What Next/Winter Thorn

Hands: Mesh Rigged Hands/Slink/Siddean Munro

Harper ❀

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