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Grazing (NEW @ C88)


It’s that time of the month again…no…not that one… the other one, C88!

This round is safari themed time for a summer adventure? I think so.  Lots of animal prints, warm colors, and overall fun items. I’m in love with these romper by Mutresse! I own about 500 mesh rompers but this one is a step above the rest. It comes with a hud so you can change your straps, belt, ties (at the bottom of the shorts) and belt buckle color all in about 12 colors cept for the belt and belt buckle. You can customize this romper any way you like, want to wear zebra print on the romper with leopard print straps and camo ties? Do your thing, no judgement here! I’m excited Mandala is also in this round! Safari/African themed for Mandala couldn’t be more perfect, he has those rich and bold colors that are always perfection. Another I’m excited about is Zenith, lately every event I attend 1. I see a Zenith booth (hard working folks!) 2. It’s something I HAVE to have!  These shoes were no different they also made a maxi dress and bag for this round! Before I ramble on more I’ll stop there. I hope you enjoy this round as much as I am.

Happy Shopping!


Hair: AAN330/Boon/Boo Nakamura

Earrings and Necklace: Legacy Jewelry Set/Mandala/Kikunosuke Eel (NEW@Collabor88)

Romper: Ebele Romper/Mutresse/Eeky Cioc (NEW@Collabor88)

Vest: Summer Long Vest/ISON/Harry Hyx

Shoes: Bohemian String Platform Shoes/Zenith/Miffyhoi Rosca (NEW@Collabor88)

Pose: Marukin/Valencia Southard (NEW@Collabor88)


Hair: MMK375/Boon/ Boo Nakamura

Necklace: Triple Command Necklace/Renegade/Tylonn

Blazer: Blazer #beige/Ricielli/Fhara Acacia

Bangle: Cuff/Erratic/Erratic Rain

Top: Mia Mini Halter/Tee*fy/Azure Electricteeth

Shorts: Steffen Shorts/Rowne/Fashionboi Landar

Boots: Avery Strap Boots/ISON/Harry Hyx

Pose: Label Motion/Anne Dakun


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Jaywalking (NEW @ The Seasons Story)



Hair: Astralia/D!va Hair/Marisa Kira (NEW@Collabor88)

Skin: Magenta/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (NEW @ The Season Story)

Necklace: Knotted Shimmer Pearls/MG/Maxi Gossamer (NEW@Collabor88)

Earrings: Tallulah Drop/MG/Maxi Gossamer (NEW@Collabor88)

Top & Collar Combo: Lace Sweater/Deadwool/Masa Plympton (NEW@Collabor88)

Bag: Girly Satchel/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard (NEW@Collabor88)

Skirt: Edela Buttoned Skirt/Teefy/Azure Electricteeth

Boots: Coral Boots/Just Design/Davidefre (NEW @ The Season Story)

Pose: Slouch

Shawneese ❤

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Black Magic Woman (NEW @ Collabor88)

Black Magic Woman

Collabor88 opened yesterday as most of you know. I had a busy day in RL yesterday so I didn’t get to really check out the Collabor88 items for this round. I got a chance to do that today and if you don’t know the theme is basically fabulously creepy (def my thing). I love Halloween! It reminds me a lot of SL, getting to be whatever you want, except in SL that’s an everyday thing.

Earlier yesterday the Tee*fy item wasn’t out yet butttt it is now! Let me tell you, it’s perfection! This gown…. is….everything. The only thing I wish was that there were more colors so I could wear it more often. There is a short version and long version (which I’m wearing) the short version can come with or without the top lace and the long version comes in skirt only as well.

Happy Haunting ♥


Hat: Morgana Hat/LaGyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW@Collabor88)

Hair: Lorella/Lelutka/Thora Charron

Necklace: Shadow Cross/MG/Maxi Gossamer (NEW@Collabor88)

Dress:  Dakota Corset Gown/Tee*fy/Azure Electricteeth (NEW@Collabor88)

Rose: No Longer Available

Pose: Le Poppycock

Location: DeadPool

Harper  ❤

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alrighty, well I don’t think I’ve ever taken a photo with different looks using two of my avatars before so for some reason I got froggy and leaped. This is the product of such lol. I made a blog alt months back I’ve used her a few times for post in the past here here here oh and here. I figured it was time to dust my home girl off, it’s been a while plus sometimes I just get bored with Harper and need to do something different. So that was today’s mission, besides showing you more stuff you need to buy if you have not already. 😀



Skin: Katya/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (@The Boutique)

Hair: Ineke/MINA/Mina Nakamura (@Hair Fair 2013)

Necklace: Mina Necklace/Tableau Vivant/M4ri1yn Magic (@The Gallery Gift Shop)

Top: 3D Flowers Lace Top/Milk Motion/Marie Lauridsen (@Collabor88)

Shorts: Heather Ruffles High Waist/Tee*fy/Azure Electricteeth (@Collabor88)

Pose: Beth Pose Pack/Diesel Works/Rogan Diesel


Hair: Five/Analog Dog/Queue Marlowe

Headband: Aura Headpiece/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (@TDR Fusion)

Dress: Frilly Dress/Tres Blah/Julliette Westerburg (@Collabor88)

Pose: Lotus Pack/Marukin/Valencia Southard

Harper  & Dolce 

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Skyline (Glam Affair @ United Fashion Project, Glam Affair & LaRoo @ faMESHed)


Howdy folks!

Well I’m just not back in the present….for the past week my net was completely out we had techs over here 2 or 3 times trying to fix the problem it’s been a real pain in my ass… but I’m not going to whine about it NOW while I have it! woooo! If it goes out again though, I’m gonna kick and scream. 😀

So let’s catch up on what I’ve missed out on!

Glam Affair has participated in 2 events, one being the united fashion project, I have to be honest I don’t know a lot of details about this event, but I plan on checking it out so maybe I’ll have more information soon and hopefully will be able to provide the slurl! GA has released the “Summer” skin in the europa tone (raw with all make ups below), Summer was previously only available in America and Jamaica tones for Summerfest ’13. The second event is faMESHed, I have to say I love studded things and Glam Affair always does them right, to match your other studded GA accessories there is now this lovely studded clutch, I think I need a photo soon with all things studded….I’ll think on that. This clutch comes available in right and left hand options which is really nice especially for photo taking and in 8 colors.


Next is also a faMESHed item these LaRoo pumps which I have to admit…these are my favorite LaRoo shoe thus far. There is a HUD for the socks with a ton of different colors and patterns etc. I just really love these so much lol they are rigged and come in about 10 different colors for the pumps so that plus your hud sock options you have a lot of customization that you are able to do.

Hope your week is going well and don’t forget when in doubt buy all things. ♥


Skin: Summer-Europa/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (@United Fashion Project)

Eyeliner: Colorful Eyeliner/Glam Affair/Amberly Boccaccio

Hair: Sparkle And Fade/Exile/Kavar Cleanslate

Top: Basic Tucked Tank/Tee*fy/Azure Electricteeth

Bracelet: Button Cord Bracelet/Noodles/Natalee Oodles

Skirt: Estelle Fluffy Skirt/Tee*fy/Azure Electricteeth

Shoes: Alice Knee High Pumps/LaRoo/Cracked Mirror & CrashOV Uladstron (@faMESHed)

Clutch: Studded Clutch/Glam Affair/Amberly Boccaccio (@faMESHed)

Pose: Bombastic/Diesel Works/Rogan Diesel

Bench: Wait Bench/Art Dummy/Gala Charron


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Let The Only Sound Be The Overflow (Summerfest ’13 & Weird Questions Meme)

Hiiii so I’m not going to talk a whole lot, wanted to blog this amazing baiastice hat that you can find at Summerfest ’13 and I wanted to take part in another meme from Berry, because they are a lot of fun, you can find it here Weird Questions Meme. ♥

Let The Only Sound Be The Overflow

  1. Which was the last sim you visited? (Other than your home) Flocke for this photo 😀
  2. Does your avatar look like the real you? Nope lol we look completely different actually.
  3. Do you wear underwear/panties underneath your clothing when out and about on the grid? Only when I’m in a skirt of dress that you can see my cookie in if I sit. Gotta keep those in the jar darlin’!
  4. If you won a million linden dollars, what would be the first thing you buy inworld?I think I’d buy a sim and have the biggest house ever then probably change it up 5 million times before I’m happy with it and maybe open it for people to take photos, then I’d buy a crap top of furniture (as if I don’t have enough already) and some landscape things etc…
  5. Have you ever bought something in SL and then realized afterwards that you had already owned it from before? Yep I do it ALL the time! Usually it’s tops though for some odd reason.
  6. Have you ever done anything in Second Life that would be considered illegal in real life? Flying without a pilot license?
  7. If you could go out on a date with any other avatar, who would it be? Mister Klaber…we are already together, but even if I was single I’d still pick him 😛
  8. Who, in your opinion, was the greatest avatar to ever slive? This is a HARD one!! There’s sooo many people I could put here! BUT I think I’ll have to be super cheesy and give it to Strawberry Singh and not just because she made this meme 😛 but because for years she’s been my biggest idol in SL, from photos to blogging to just personality overall, she is the reason I blog, plus it’s awesome to watch a blogger evolve with the times and not stick to any particalur style or method, if that makes sense. When I started this blog I wanted to be versatile to go from goth boots to a frilly tutu, I got that aspiration from her. Now I sound like a kiss ass so zipping my lips now
  9. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done inworld? One TOOOOO many times, I’ve accidently double clicked a LM instead of the item in the folder to wear it, and I’ve TPed places butt naked or half dressed…..hell of an entrance lemme tell ya!
  10. If your avatar had a mind of its own, what do you think it would say to you?“Why the hell am I so short?!”


Hat: Frilly Summer Hat/Baiastice/Sissy Pessoa (@Summerfest ’13)

Lipstick: Cleo Lipstick/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (@Cosmetic Fair ‘Summer Edition’)

Hair: Habit/Magika/Sabina Gully

Top and Skirt: Lenka Bralet & Laurie Low Waist Hi-Low Skirt/Tee*fy/Azure Electricteeth (@Summerfest ’13)

Bangles: Pitch Black Dare/MG/Maxi Gossamer

Long Necklace: Trifa/MG/Maxi Gossamer

Short Necklace: Isis Solar Magic/MG/Maxi Gossamer

Pose: Catching Teardropss/Del May Poses/Del May

Harper ❤


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Sun Bleached (Summerfest ’13 preview)

Sun Bleached

Summerfest ’13 is coming upon us! Summerfest ’13 starts June 15th! If you don’t know anything about Summerfest yet, let me fill you in. It’s a Summer themed event, if you didn’t pick up on that yet lol. It has a hell of a designer list that you can view here on flickr Summerfest designer list. When I saw the opportunity to blog for this event it was a MUST, let me just say. I was excited from the start, but after visiting the Summerfest sim yesterday I’m even more excited for all of you to visit this event!

I have to tell you I am extremely impressed, I’ve blogged for events before that were unorganized or hardly any booths set up a few hours before the opening, so it’s hard to really give it decent coverage when you are sort of running back and forth picking up a little of this and that and hoping you can blog it before the opening so people can see what they want when they get there. BUT Summerfest was basically entirely set up and I went on the 13th and it opens on the 15th… I’m not sure how much you may know about behind the scenes of events, but that’s pretty damn good! The set up…..is adorable! This photo was actually taken right there on the Summerfest sim. The items are adorable and you can view some of them here in the Summerfest ’13 Flickr Group It’s just all around perfection.

Thank you so the Summerfest ’13 management for 1. allowing me to blog for this event and 2. on the great organization of this event. ♥


Hair: Ana/Taketomi/Bella Earst

Skin: Summer (Jamaica)/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (Coming June 15th to Summerfest ’13)

Glasses: Baia Sunglasses/Tabloid/Dahlia Joubert (Coming June 15th to Summerfest ’13)

Necklace: Garbo Graduated/MG/Maxi Gossamer

Top: Lenka Bralet/Tee*fy/Azure Electricteeth (Coming June 15th to Summerfest ’13)

Bracelets: Button Cord Bracelet & Vinyl Wristband/Noodles/Natalee Oodles (Coming June 15th to Summerfest ’13)

Bikini Bottom: Chain Bikini/Baiastice/Sissy Pessoa (Coming June 15th to Summerfest ’13)

Sarong: Sarong/MW Boa

Pose: Kook Pack/Marukin/Valencia Southard (@Collabor88)

Taxi: Summerfest ’13 Opens tomorrow June 15th!

Harper ❤

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