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Hair: Kiki Hair/Baiastice/Sissy Pessoa (@Collabor88)

Dress: Metallic Racerback Dress/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard (@Collabor88)

Feet: Vanity Feet/Glam Affair/M4ri1yn Magic (@Shoetopia)

Skin: Elvi/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (@Collabor88)

Scene Credits:

AF Trellis Circular Rug (Black) (@Collabor88)

AF Fusion Dining Chair (@Collabor88)

LISP – Mesh – Silver Linings Lamp – touch on/off light –  Noir

{what next} Cubby Armchair (natural) (@What Next)

-Marmelade- Tangram Shelf – Dance (Black) (@Woodland Gatcha)

floorplan. industrial lighting (@Collabor88)

Shawneese ❤


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Smarter Than The Average Bear

Smarter Than The Average Bear

Sooo my friend Coral showed me these awesome shoes a few days back by BCC for Halloween Mini Market and today I finally went to check them out. I got them (naturally) BUUUT something else at the same event caught my eye. I thought to myself…is….is that A FREAKING BEAR COAT?? why yes….yes it is! and I want it now! You can ask just about anyone who knows me personally I have a thing for quirky items plus it’s extremely adorable. AND the best part? it was only 100L!!! Most the items for this mini market are discounted there’s not many items, but it is still worth a trip to pick up some discounted goodies. Get ya grizzly on! (Or Fishing Polar Bear)


On Me:

Hair: Kawashima/Tableau Vivant/M4ri1yn Magic (@Collabor88)

Skin: Vera/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (NEW)

Coat: Bear Coat Costume/u.f.o./Charming Meiler (@Halloween Mini Market)

Dress: Bowlicious/The Secret Store/Maylee Oh

Tights: Leggings (Comes with Cameron Sandals)/Vive9/Vo Pralou (Store currently closed for maintenance)

Fishing Rod: (prop from what next Pine Ridge Chair)/What Next/FrankLee Anatra (NEW)

Basket: Fish Basket-Holdable/Arisa Thor

Pose: Le Poppycock

Scenery (left to right)

Chair that my big bear butt is covering =P : {what next} Pine Ridge Chair (checked blanket) (View a proper photo of it here on Winter’s Flickr)

Both of the following items you can find The Garden

Zigana . grandpapa`s ski`s – Nalena Fairey

{what next} Pine Ridge Camping Set – Winter Thorn & FrankLee Anatra

Harper  ❤

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Faster Horses (What Next for Arcade)

So yesterday I got the scooter from What Next for Arcade (Starting June 1st) and I have to say I am beyond impressed once again by what next, these scooters seat 2, the rares have a sidecar. The HUD that comes with these scooters is beyond any hud I have EVER seen for a vehicle, and that’s being honest. There’s so many options I can even name them all, from poses, parking stances, gears, nitrous boost, alarm, horn,  burn out, rev engine. I think the coolest thing though about this scooter is, you know how sometimes when driving vehicles in SL you get stuck? be it at a sims edge or just stuck in some building well…..THIS SCOOTER RESETS POSITION! YES! That’s right, coolest effing thing I’ve seen in a long time, besides ejecting your passenger I had some fun with that yesterday as well. 😀 I have no idea how much these scooters will be at arcade, but whatever the price they are definitely worth it! To view all the colors you can check out Winter’s FlickrHope your weekend is awesome! I’ll see you at arcade and faMESHed this weekend! ♥

Faster Horses


Hair: Bedhead/lamb/Lamb Bellic

Bag: Heart Purse/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard

Necklace: Gemini Constellation Necklace/Noodles/Natalee Oodles (@Zodiac Gemini)

Ring: Isabella Ring/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia

Top: Messy Crop Tank/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard (@Collabor88)

Undertop: My Milkshake/BOOM/Aranel Ah

Shorts: Denim Bermuda Shorts/Tres Blah/Juliette Westerburg

Socks: Button Socks/G Field/Cerberus Noel

Shoes: Booties Bulldog Suede/Kitties Lair/Babette Ultsch

Scooter: Dandelion Scooter/What Next/Franklee Anatra (Coming June 1st to Arcade)

Pose: Eye Candy/Le poppycock

Harper ❤

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Harper the Li-bear-rian (The Secret Store for Arcade)

Soooo arcade is fastly approaching! June 1st will mark the 4th round of arcade and I must admit I get sooo excited everytime, the designers for arcade are some of the most unique I’ve ever seen for an event. (next to collabor88 which will always remain my personal fav, though most those designers are ALSO in the arcade!!) I love the uniqueness and talent of the Arcade designers, I think honestly what I love the most is that people are making things that they wouldn’t usually make for their store! Example last round Tee*fy made the picnic items, ice cream and such. Tres Blah with the tea set and cakes etc. It’s really neat to sort of get one of a kind items that we may not have had the opportunity to get had it not been for this lovely event.

Harper the Li-bear-rian

That brings me to this post. Maylee Oh of The Secret Store, *le sigh* I just love her store so much first of all and I’m honored to be one of her bloggers. For this round of arcade she made Mesh Rag Dolls! now I haven’t been looking at flickr in the arcade group, or the site’s shopping guide, because I just know I’m going anyway and spending tons of L so when I first saw the doll I thought omg how cute!! Then I realized O.M.G. IT’S AN AVATAR!!!! I quickly put it on and plurked it immediately! I also took this photo that day but wanted to wait a couple days to post it. So here it is! If you would like to view the other available dolls you can look on Maylee’s Flickr! Kudos to Maylee! ALSO The Secret Store Clearance Sale still going on until June 1st on older items so if you have not gotten a chance to check out the sale you can use this slurl for  The Secret Store Main Shop I believe she will be retiring these items once this sale is over, and with all the events coming up in the next couple of weeks we could all use a good deal!


Avatar: Annie-Rag Doll/The Secret Store/Maylee Oh (For the upcoming Arcade Gacha Event!)

Glasses: Cat Eye Glasses/Tres Blah/Juliette Westerburg

Bracelet: Jennifer Set (cuff)/Yummy/Polyester Partridge

Scarf: Bow Scarf/Yummy/Polyester Partridge

Pencils (all modded and moved around): From Bad Habit/flowey/Flutter Memel

Bun (color modified): Poland Highlander Bun/Vive9/Sanya Bilavio

Scene Credits:

Chair: Little Kids’ Chair/Organica/Aki Shichiroji (@Home and Garden Expo)

Mug: (from outdoor cinema set) Hot Chocolate/Cheeky Pea/Isla Gealach

Phone: Antique Telephone/floorplan/Tegan Serin

Preserves and Honey: from Laurel Cottage Kitchen Set/What Next/Winter Thorn

Desk: Alastor Antique Desk/fri.home/Friday Monday

Floor Papers: Wall Paper/floorplan/Tegan Serin

Book Panel: Book Wallpaper Panel/LISP/Pandora Popstar

Bookcase: Harper Bookcase/Mudhoney/Rayvn Hynes


Sitting on: Stack of books/Dendre Benelli

Under the Chair: Gilderoy bookstack/fri.home/Friday Monday

Clock: Book Clock/What Next/Winter Thorn

Wall Books: Open Book Wall Display/Kyoot Home/Saeya Nyanda

Heart Book: Open Heart Book/floorplan/Tegan Serin

Lamp: Book Stack Lamp/floorplan/Tegan Serin

Under Desk: Book Pile/Cheeky Pea/Isla Gealach

Drawer: Book Drawer/floorplan/Tegan Serin

Harper the Li-bear-rian 

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Gone But Never Forgotten

Memorial Day

Being that I served in the military myself, I appreciate Memorial Day, which is why when Mister came up with this idea for a photo I was all about it. I’ve seen the loss of service members, and  even though it’s just a day, we take a moment to respect those who lost their lives serving our country. Gone, but never forgotten. ♥


Hair: Gattina/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks

Handband: From the ‘Video Games’ hairstyle/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks

Blazer: Piper Blazer/Elate!/Kelly Iwish

Dress: Flight Dress/ISON/Harry Hyx

Pose: Holdin It Together/Little Red Hen/December Dollinger

Scene Credits:

Table Set: Garden Cafe Table/What Next/Winter Thorn (@Home and Garden Expo)

Grill: From the Deluxe Picnic Set/Le Bistro/Amera Pomilio

Flag: American Flag with lites/Mush Caldera

Breanna’s Credits:

Hair: Honest/Magika/Sabina Gully

Ensemble: Paris Days/Pink Peony Boutique/Forever Khaos

Mister’s Credits



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Lemonade In The Shade

Lemonade In The Shade

I’m not sure whee you live but it is getting hot round these parts. Honestly I’d rather be cold than hot something about snuggling in a warm blanket next to the fire place is much more inviting than sweating your ass off at the family BBQ, while grandma’s taken that’s 50th swing at the pinata BUT whatever your preference, I hope you’re enjoying you’re week so far. Since it’s been pretty warm here I wanted to do a bit of a seasonal post.

This hair I’m wearing is called Sadie from Truth Hair I’m sure most of you have seen it but it’s by far my favorite truth hair…ever! I love the retro vibe from this hair, I feel like “Rosie The Riveter” with less muscle and less work ethic.

Next is this AUX top which is currently at Collabor88, frills to me equal retro it worked perfectly what can I say? This top also comes in a cropped version, but I wanted to cover up my gut, probably why I’m sweating eh?

Next the shorts, I love love love the bottoms from Teefy and The Secret Store and here is why… usually they are high waists… I love high waists and most of their tops fit perfectly with high waist pants even when interchanged! Don’t believe me? Go buy a Secret Store top and Teefy pants or vice versa (don’t worry I’ll wait) I can bet you, they look great together. Matter of fact if anyone reads this and actually does it I wanna see! Anyway, Teefy is always giving us that vintage/retro dainty feel and I love it every time, she could create nothing but make ruffle skirts the rest of the year and I’m still routing for her and buying every single one.


Hair: Sadie/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks (NEW)

Glasses: Meredith Glasses/Artilleri/Antonia Marat

Top: Just The Frills/Aux/Tyr Rozenblum (@Collabor88)

Shorts: Aimee Tailored Ribbon Shorts/Teefy/Azure Electricteeth (@Collabor88)

Hands and Feet: Slink/Siddean Munro


Lounger: Bette Sunlounger/Artilleri/Antonia Marat

Cup: Lemonade (From the Garden Caravan Set) What Next/Winter Thorn

Fans: Breeze/Ary Dummy/Gala Charron (NEW)

Fence: Picket Fence/LAQ Decor/Winter DiPrima


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What’s The Tea? (Why Do I Blog Meme & The Secret Store Preview for faMESHed)

What's the Tea

Hey all,

SO faMESHed opens tomorrow! (which means Collabor88 is only 8 days awayyyyy) I HAD to show off a blazer for this round from The Secret Store (Maylee Oh) “Oh how I love thee let me count the ways” First of all I can ALWAYS appreciate a well made blazer, but what made me fall in love was the textures and colors, there are 8 different colors (I took a grabilla here to show!) and the inside of the blazer is this soft vintage floral color that makes you want to show if off a bit like “oh you think the outside is fly?!? BAM look at the inside!” I think I’ve gone on about it enough, make sure to pick this blazer up tomorrow at the faMESHed May round!!!

Next I want to talk about this Garden Cafe Caravan…. let me just say…. it’s so freaking adorable!!!! There are so many options I don’t even think I can talk about them all without missing something, there is texture change, it’s multi sit for up to 5 people, there are TONS of props, the stools are separate and have their own animations and props. All via menu which is awesome because I hate the spam pop ups for props, instead you pick what you want from the menu and pick the pose to match and you are done! There are props for food and props for the animations like sponges and plates and such. The clock on the wall can be set to any timezone aaand there are parts that omit light if you choose you want to shine a lil light on the party! I want to throw a legit mini garden tea party just use this! I’m so in love with What Next lately aaannndddd word on flickr issssss this is coming soon! Which is funny because  I said I hoped rideable mesh bikes were not far away! and here they come! What Next is making me a happy happy girl!

I love Berry’s memes and I haven’t been able to do many because I’ve been busy in rl, but I wanted to show my support by completing her “Why Do I Blog Meme”

    1. How long have you been blogging? Since February 2012 under Kid Friendly Fashion  aaaannnddd Since July 2012 under Pixel Pantomime
    2. Why did you start blogging? (I guess I’ll answer this twice for both blogs) Well I’ve always loved taking photos in SL, but I never really did much with them so I thought well hm I’ll just create a blog and play with clothing (any excuse to shop) maybe introduce people to items they hadn’t seen and all will be well in the world. After a couple months of being completely bored with kid’s blogging (not much comes out for kids that alllllaaa kids don’t already have, so I really wasn’t ‘helping’ anyone) I took a couple photos that turned on a lightbulb above my head as I was editing them (Photo 1 & Photo 2) I realized how fun it was to have this idea in your head and just kinda run with it, using items you already own and wearing them in ways you either normally wouldn’t or hadn’t yet, and showing others a different way to wear those same items that they also may have or having them to run and buy them. It’s a great feeling when your art is appreciated and honestly at that time in my life I felt zero appreciation from every angle I could imagine, in my RL and SL. I think back to that now when people ask me why I blog. I did it because it gave me sunshine during the rain, and a creative outlet for all my emotions that I felt I couldn’t express verbally. I know that sounds a bit emo or deep, but it’s true. When I first started so many people downed me for wanting to blog, you wouldn’t even believe the crap I dealt with, when people should have been happy for me, they only thought selfishly of how it was taking my attention off of them, but I wasn’t going to stop, no way no how.  SORRRYYYY BOOUTTTT ITTTTTTTT!
  • How many times a week do you post an entry? Usually about 3 times a week. I’ve been busy a lot as of lately so I have been just blogging items that I receive.
  • How many different blogs do you read on a regular basis? Honestly I never really go to certain blogs just to read them (cept Berry’s), flickr is my window into the fashion world, I go through flickr, see something I like, fav it, and click the blog link.
  • Do you comment on other people’s blogs? I have a couple times, but I really should do more of it, I admire looooootsssss of bloggers and what better way to show it!
  • Do you keep track of how many visitors you have? Yessum, I usually check to compare with past post to see what people liked from one that they didn’t from another. Trying to find that missing element to keep improving myself.
  • Did you ever regret a post that you wrote? No I don’t think I’ve ever really said anything to enrage anyone or vaguely take stabs or anything petty like that.
  • Do you think your readers have a true sense of who you are based on your blog? I show some of my personality with what I write, but I definitely could show more because I don’t usually just ramble, it’s like “O.K. here is the outfit and here is where you can get it”
  • Do you blog under your real name? Nope! I thought about it once because I’m a huge make up lover in RL and wanted to show tuts and products etc buutt it never happened, maybe in the future!
  • Are there topics that you would never blog about? Anything that starts an argument NOOOO THANK YOU! This is my blog for enjoyment not to get attention because it has turned into a platform for fighting or arguing. I feel if I ever reach that point where I’m crying out for that kind of attention (never gonna happen but I’m just saying) then it’s time to shut my blog down and call it a day. So many people waste time talking ill about people, events, designers and creators in SL that they haven’t even come in contact with, just have an opinion about, and I like to say “Everyone with a keyboard thinks what they rule the net” (keyboard confidence I like to call it). I would never say something on my blog or the internet in general that I would not say to your face in real life. Simple.
  • What is the theme/topic of your blog? I usually only talk about fashion and fashion events, time to time I may share something like a friend getting married or something of the sort, but it is not often, think I’ve done it once.
  • Do you have more than one blog? If so, why? No
  • What have you found to be the benefits of blogging? Most of my SL prior to blogging was sitting on an empty lot of land changing my outfit 5 million times or shopping soooo not much has changed LOL but I have definitely met a lot of people who I hold dear so at least I can change my outfit with a few IMs open filled with goofiness, or have some company. I’ve have this strong sense of pride that I don’t feel I had before, and even a bit of confidence that wasn’t there before. I’m usually really shy when I meet people the first time and now I’m more like “HEYYYYYYYYYY Y’ALL!” *does secret handshake I made up to look cool* haha I have to say I couldn’t imagine my SL without blogging, if I quit blogging it means I probably quit SL!
  • So, why do you continue to blog? I’ve spent a year learning, advancing, networking, etc… and there is so much more of it to do! I can’t stop won’t stop like P Diddy! Yup, I said that.


Hair: Cyanne/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks

Top: Lucky Cat Dress (top) Nylon Outfitters/Nylon Pinkney (@Collabor88)

Blazer: Structured Blazer/The Secret Store/Maylee Oh (coming soon to faMESHed)

Pants: Briston Trousers/Color.Me.H.O.F/Fashionboi Landar

Shoes: Lolita Espadrilles/Gos Boutique/Gospel Voom

Caravan: Garden Cafe Caravan (Full Set)/What Next/FrankLee Anatra & Winter Thorn (@The Garden)

Harper ❤

P.S. Mister wanted me to mention how much he is my biggest supporter and blah blah blahhhhhh, but I’m not gonna mention it because he told me to! However I will say on my own terms! that he WAS one of the first people who supported my blogging for my rez day last year he upgraded my flickr and I did kinda feel…. official when that happened like geez I’m the real deal now!  so for that I give him kisses. ♥

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